A Guide to Teaching English in Europe

Europe is one of the most popular destinations for newly qualified TEFL teachers, most countries are easily connected by international airports. A lot of people teach full time whilst there are also lots of part time and summer positions available. You could apply to work at public, private or international schools, lead private lessons, help people with their business English, work at a English language summer camp or get a long term contact with a language academy. Search summer and year round TEFL and language jobs in Europe today.




Best TEFL Destinations in Europe

Where you go really depends on personal choice, each country offers something different and we recommend you research all before applying. The cost of living can vary dramatically - this continent has expensive and cheap places, you are best viewing our individual country teaching guides for more information.


Summer TEFL Jobs in Europe

Why not spend your summer break working as a language camp in Europe. This is an amazing way to live abroad, meet new people, have a lot of fun and also get paid. You will also get free time to explore your new surroundings!


Teach English in Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is becoming increasingly popular, top destinations include Czech Republic and Hungary where the cost of living is a lot lower than countries like England and Italy but wages also might be lower. Please always check feedback from current teachers and people who have taught in the past for their experiences and recommendations.


Top Tips for Teaching English in Europe

  • Learn local words and phrases for your destination
  • Know the best times and places to find employment
  • Research work permits in advance before departing
  • Work out how much you will get paid to what the cost of living is
  • Learn about local culture and etiquette
  • Consider un-paid positions to gain experience (view volunteer programs in Europe)



How much you get paid really depends on the job, school, agency and location.


Europe TEFL Reviews & Experiences

If you have ever been to teach in Europe and would like to share your experience or review a language school or agency write an article for our website.

"At the beginning of July, the Canterbury TEFL directors helped us work at the English Adventures campsite - a language summer camp in Spain. As counselors, we were given separate living courters from the children and a day or two to prepare before the campers arrived. Then, the next month was a whirlwind. We awoke around 8 each morning to eat breakfast with the campers and break into our separate groups. Each counselor was assigned different activities to lead throughout the day, ranging from sports, to arts and crafts, to cooking, to filming our own music videos with the children. 

The activities were conducted solely in English (with the help of a bit of miming and gestures sometimes) and were different each day. The counselors were given several short breaks throughout the day, but with the wide range of activities and never-ending energy of the children, the month of work at English Adventures flew by. We had dance parties, a carnival, hiking excursions, a bit of pool time each day, and even our own MTV-style video awards ceremony. The job requires a lot of enthusiasm, energy, and creativity, but it is an unforgettable experience." - Megan Dorris, USA

"I have been teaching in Prague for over 5 years now, I love this city and the job. Some advice, private lessons pay more than a full time position" - Scott , UK

"I took a TEFL course in the UK then got hired to teach in Spain. The job isn't easy at first, but you will soon pick it up. If you are going to be teaching in Europe I would highly recommend learning the local language this makes the whole experience easier." - Matt B, UK