A Guide to Teaching in Sweden

Are you keen to work in Sweden? Teaching is a good route to take. You can find TEFL seasonal-jobs-working-holidays at international schools and by also giving private lessons.  


Best Time to Get a Teaching Job in Sweden

You can find work usually all year round and the most popular time is generally January or September. July is the worst time of year to find TEFL employment Sweden as a lot of companies usually close for the whole month with employees taking four to six weeks off for summer holidays.


Popular Places to Teach

You can apply to teach anywhere in the country, most TEFL jobs can be found in the larger cities and towns which include:

  • Gothenburg
  • Malmö
  • Helsingborg
  • Linköping
  • Örebro
  • Stockholm
  • Uppsala
  • Västerås



The salary for teaching in Sweden can really depend on the recruiter, wages are generally high in this country and you might get paid around 20 euros per month. If you have a degree this will really increase your chances of gaining employment. English teachers are in demand all year round, a lot of people go independent and lead private lessons. Some employers offer free accommodation, flights and medical insurance.



Usually you will need a TEFL certification, be aged 18+, be a native English speaker and also make a good impression at interviews.



A lot of new teachers arriving in Sweden tend to share accommodation with other international teachers. Some schools and recruiters in Sweden provide free accommodation at school campuses or at a home stay or if you are lucky private or a modern shared apartment.



Have you ever been to teach in Sweden? Would you like to write about your experience or share advice? Get in touch with us today.


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