Guide to Teaching English in Austria

Teach English in Austria

Austria is landlocked country in the middle of Europe and has a population of around 9 million people. Austria shares borders with the Czech Republic, GermanyHungary, Italy, Liechtenstein, Slovakia, Slovenia and Switzerland meaning there are lots of cultural day trips and longer you can do in your spare time. People in Austria speak German and this is one of the wealthiest countries in the world with a high standard of living. If you would you love to live and work as an English teacher in Austria our guide will be able to help achieve this goal.

There is a demand for native English speaking teachers in Austria and if you have the right qualifications and experience you should be able to secure a teaching job here. The Austrian TEFL market is competitive, and we recommend you learn some German words and phrases to boost your chances of getting employment. Most people usually really enjoy the experience where you can integrate into the local culture and help students who are very keen to learn English.  View our guide to working as an English teacher in Austria and apply today. 


Popular Places to Teach

Most people choose to apply for English teaching jobs in places like Salzburg and Vienna both interesting cities to be based. Other places you might want to consider include:

  • Graz
  • Linz
  • Innsbruck
  • Klagenfurt
  • Villach
  • Wels
  • St. Pölten
  • Dornbirn 


Teach English in Vienna

Most teaching jobs can be found in Vienna which is the capital and largest city in Austria. Vienna has some of the most stunning architecture in the world, the city is a very pretty place to live and work. You can find paid teaching work in Austrian schools, they are very well organised and have limits on the number of students in each class. Most people work as freelance teachers in Austria giving both classroom and private lessons.



How to Get a Teaching Job in Austria

Teaching Jobs in Austria

You can generally find teaching work in the following places:

Private Schools
Private Schools hire the most English teachers in Austria and you will usually need a TEFL certification and be a native speaker. Private schools are where you can make the most money.

Public Schools
Children in Austria learn English from a young age and these schools hire TEFL teachers all year round. You will need to put together a strong application as this country has one of the best public teaching standards in the world.

Summer Camps
If you are looking for employment during summer you might want to teach at a language summer camp in Austria. These jobs are a lot of fun!

Private Lessons
You can make extra money by giving private lessons in Austria in your spare time. You could give lessons to total beginners or to people seeking to improve their business and management English skills.



You do not need a degree to teach in Austria but this will boost your chances and your pay packet. If you have any experience this will also help. A lot of schools employ international staff without TEFL certifications, but again, we recommend getting qualified as this can improve your chances of getting work.



EU citizens do not require a visa to work in Austria. If you are living outside of the EU and would like to teach in Austria you might need to obtain a work permit.


Salary for Teaching in Austria

Austria is a member of the EU and uses the Euro as its currency, this is what you will be paid in. To make the most money teaching in Austria you will need both a degree and a TEFL TESOL certification or a CELTA course.


Applying to Teach in Austria with an Agency

Some companies offer structured teaching placements in Austria, you will need to pay a fee and this included:

  • Placement with a carefully screened host family 
  • A private room and full board 
  • Pre-departure and in-country assistance from a cooperator in Austria 
  • 24-hour emergency assistance 


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