How to Volunteer in Europe

Europe is very developed and one of the most modern and wealthiest continents in the world but there is still a need for assistance from international participants in most countries. There are so many short and long term volunteer programs available where you can make a difference, do something worthwhile and also have one of the most fun experiences of your life. Participating is a good way to make new friends and do something rewarding.

Popular Volunteering Opportunities in Europe

In Europe you can help community and conservation projects working direct with people, animals, towns, villages and the environment. There are lots of options available like working with children and on youth projects, helping disadvantaged, elderly and disabled people, joining building and construction programs, working to protect wildlife like bears and turtles and helping conservation. This is a great cultural exchange opportunity and living abroad will give you the experience of a lifetime. 

Each project is different and every destination offers a unique experience to experience cultural immersion and really help make a difference. Where you volunteer really decides on your preferences, each country offers a different experience.  If you have a specific program in mind you might not have as much choice as if you were open minded. 

Research all destinations before applying or e-mail us for advice and we will be happy to suggestions options. It is important you select the project which best suits or matches your interests so you can really give 100%. Also try not to limit yourself to one particular country and be open to new places which you might not have thought about visiting before.

There are short and long term programs available all year round so if you would like to take a holiday with a difference, donate a week of you time or even stay longer you will find a suitable program for you.


Free, Low Cost & Paid Volunteering in Europe

If you are you looking to volunteer abroad in Europe for free or find low cost volunteer placements we have hundreds of volunteer organisations listed which offer programs. Some programs are structured and you will need to pay a fee, but others are totally free.

You can find local organisations in need of help and then make a real impact. For free volunteer projects, you are best applying to local NGO's or direct to grass roots organisations. Search free, low cost and paid volunteer work in Europe on our directory and apply today.


Volunteer in Eastern Europe

Volunteering in Eastern Europe is an increasing popular opportunity, you can discover a up and coming region of the world and see both ancient and modern locations. This region offers a very authentic volunteering experience where you will get to see and understand other cultures whilst also contributing to worthwhile causes. 

We have some very rewarding volunteer projects in Eastern Europe available to book during summer or all year round. You could work at community centres, hospitals, schools, media companies or be in the great outdoors on a dig, excavation or archaeological research program. In your free time there are lots of activities and excursions available where you can see new places. Homestays are very popular in this part of the continent where you will live and eat alongside a local family - this is a fascinating eye opening cultural exchange.


Summer Volunteer Programs in Europe

Are you looking to spend your summer break doing something meaningful? There are so many projects available to book during summer in various different countries around the continent. Some placements are specifically offered to students and can include helping at summer camps or working with marine conservation helping animals like dolphins where you will get to live in spectacular locations like Greece or Spain.



You might be staying in shared accommodation which is pre-arranged if you apply for a structured program. You might also choose to stay with a host family which can be an interesting and fun experience. Sometimes you can choose to have private accommodation arrange in a hotel or hostel.

To apply most organisations will require you to be aged 18+ but there are special programs which also accept 16 and 17 year olds. To volunteer you don't need any previous experience for non skilled positions, you will just need to be enthusiastic and open minded to a new experience living in a different country. No qualifications are generally needed for non-skilled placements, just a willingness to help others, enthusiasm is welcomed. You should apply for a project well in advance of your ideal start date as the normal administration of the programme can take a few months.


How to Apply

You can search structured, free and low cost projects and organizations on our directory. If you need any help arranging a volunteer placement in Europe please get in touch. 


Europe Volunteer Reviews 

You can view reviews of the best programs on our directory. If you have ever been to volunteer in Europe and would like to add a review, write about your experience or share any recommendations please contact us. 

"I would highly recommend volunteering to anyone looking to stay away a little longer and do something special. I initially applied for the experience and to help, and by the end of my placement I had made friends for life." - Kate, UK

"The experience taught me that age and nationality are of little importance and that you do not have to spend money to have fun or see something beautiful. I made friends for life. Voluntary is about the people". - Hannah volunteered in Greece with Concordia

"I worked with teenagers aged 14-17, they were mostly Russian speaking Estonians, but there were also teens from other countries. It was an excellent experience, I learnt a lot, particularly about the experience of the teens as Russians living in Estonia. It was also very interesting to meet and work with the volunteers from all over Europe (I was the only English volunteer). We got on well and I hope to keep in touch long term with some of them". - Caroline, English project in Estonia

"I will definitely do it again next summer , it was an unforgettable two weeks" - Aliya, UK 

"Working on the project was a unique experience – I hope to do many more. Everyone should be a volunteer!" - Ruth, festival project participant