A Guide to Teaching in Greece

Teaching in Greece in an experience not to be missed! In Greece there are recruitment agencies operating which offer packages for English teachers, they have good links with schools throughout the country and offer placements for Greece TEFL course graduates. Having a TEFL courses gives you ahead start. Some schools offer a competative salary, health insurance and sometimes free accommodation.

The Greek economy has been really struggling in the past decade but there is still a need for English teachers to work here. Although the wages might not be as high as other countries in Europe, you will get to live in a historic and beautiful country. Athens is a good city to work, there are lots of language schools here but you also might want to consider Crete, Santorini or Corinth. Applying through an agency is an easy way to get on the employment ladder but always check past feedback and check for any hidden fees. 

We recommend arriving before the school term starts which is around August time, this will give you the best chance to gain employment.


TEFL Courses in Greece

One of the best ways to get a teaching job is to take a TEFL certification in Greece. There are classroom TEFL courses available to book throughout the country where you will be trained by experienced staff and get to hands on tuition which is great if you have no previous experience.

These courses are an internationally recognized and accredited certification boosting your chances of getting a job teaching English in Greece and worldwide. Most TEFL schools offer packages which include accommodation, training, a certification and they also organise excursions and activities.

TEFL companies usually have excellent links with recruiters and some offer guaranteed paid jobs on completion of a course.


Salary for Teaching in Greece

Greece has been hit hard by a devastating recession in recent years and salaries a lot lower here than in similiar European TEFL destinations. You can earn around $500 - $1300 depening on the placement, some people choose to take extra work e.g. giving private lessons to gain extra income. Even with the low wages you should still be able to break even or actually make money.

Greece has a very low cost of living and you should be able to cheap accommodation and also food, drinks and everyday assessories for a low price. We expect you should be able to live for below $500 per month.


How to Get a Teaching Job in Greece

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Greece TEFL Reviews & Testimonials

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