A Guide to Teaching in Norway

You can find TEFL jobs at international schools and by also giving private lessons. The salary for teaching in Norway can really depend on the recruiter.

Most TEFL jobs in Norway are advertised online or in-country and it will help if you understand basic Norwegian as a lot of ads are in the local language.

You could also apply through an agency. If you are applying from outside of an EU country please research all positions and recruiters, just turning up and hoping to find work can be tough. Also the cost of living in Norway is high compared to other countries in Europe.


Popular Places to Teach

You can apply to work anywhere in the country, most TEFL jobs can be found in the larger cities and towns which include:

  • Oslo



Usually you will need a TEFL certification, be aged 18+, be a native English speaker and also make a good impression at interviews.



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