A Guide to Teaching English in Bulgaria

Teach English in Bulgaria

Bulgaria might not be the first country you think of when looking to teach English abroad, but if you are after a rewarding and unique experience then Bulgaria will appeal to you. Throw in a low cost of living and lots of amazing things to do in your spare time like skiing, this could just be the destination you are looking for.

This is a really up and coming destination for international teachers, wages are lower than in other countries on the continent but this experience will be hard to match. Local people are very friendly and children / adults are very keen to improve their English speaking and writing skills. 

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Bulgaria TEFL FAQ

  • Education: BA/BS prefered but not required; TEFL TESOL Certification is required
  • Peak Hiring Months: September & January
  • Types of Jobs: Foreign language schools
  • Typical Hiring Process: Interview in person in Bulgaria and over the phone in advance
  • Average teaching hours per week: 20-30 hours of classroom & extra prep time
  • Types of Students: Business professionals
  • Cost of Living per Month: 800 -1,200 BGN; 500 - 800 USD
  • Average Monthly Pay: 800 -1,200 BGN; 500 - 800 USD
  • Accommodation/Housing Benefits Paid: No
  • Flight Reimbursement: No


Why the Need for International Teachers

The tourism industry in Bulgaria is one the rise and if local people can speak English they will boost their chances of getting seasonal-jobs-working-holidays in Bulgaria. Other people are keen to learn for career or business purposes.


TEFL Courses in Bulgaria

If you would like to get qualified in Bulgaria you might want to take an online TEFL course which can be completed anywhere in the country or you could view our other TEFL certifications in Europe for more options.



Application criteria varies from employer to employer, some will not ask for a degree or teaching qualification. But to stand the best change of getting a job we recommend taking a TEFL certification.


Best Places to Teach in Bulgaria

The larger cities are the best places to find teaching jobs in Bulgaria, our top choices include Varna, Sofia, and Plovdiv. 


When to Get Employment

You can get hired all year round but September and January are possibly the best months.


Types of Jobs

Foreign language schools are your best bet for TEFL jobs in Bulgaria, they offer lots of vacancies where you will usually be instructing business professionals.



How to Get a Teaching Job in Bulgaria

Only a limited amount of job vacancies are advertised online and you will find most teachers don’t usually get a job offer before arriving in Bulgaria. Usually you will need to seek out jobs locally, apply then have a face-to-face interview. We highly recommend making a short list of language schools and then visiting them in person. If you are lacking experience you might like to volunteer in Bulgaria to gain new contacts and hands on work.


Average Working Week

Schools will usually want you to work around 20-25 hours per week meaning you will get lots of free time to relax, make new friends or see more of the country.


Cost of Living Per Month

Bulgaria is one of the cheapest countries to teach English in Europe, you can expect to have around £250 - £400 (US$350 - $550 / 700 - 1,100 BGN) of outgoings per month. Sofia is usually the most expensive place to live and teach.


Salary for Teaching in Bulgaria

Wages are quite low in Bulgaria, you can expect to make around £300 - £500 ($500 - $800 /  700 - 1,200 BGN) per month. You will usually need to pay for flights and housing. 


Bulgaria TEFL Experiences

If you have been to teach in Bulgaria and would like to share your testimonial get in touch with us today.