A Guide to Teaching English in Italy

Thinking about teaching English in Europe? Italy should definitely be high on your list of potential destinations. Italy is one of the most popular TEFL destinations in Europe, you can expect a rich culture, friendly locals and tasty food when teaching here. If you would like to experience living and working in Italy as a TEFL teacher our guide will be able to help you achieve your goals.


Top Reasons to Teach English in Italy

  • Experience history, culture, tradition and immerse yourself in the culture
  • Italian people are very friendly and welcoming 
  • The food is among the best in the world - pizza, pasta and much more!
  • Choose from world famous cities or smaller more relaxing locations
  • You could also combine experiences and book a Italian language course in Italy


TEFL Certification Courses in Italy

You might want to consider getting qualified by taking a TEFL course in Italy - this will boost your chances of gaining employment in the country as local training centres have good links with employers. 


How to Get a Teaching Job in Italy

Most internations find work at private language schools but to get more money you give private lessons. Language schools in Italy recruit native English speakers all year round in-country and online, so whether you are currently outside of Italy or already in the country you can start the job hunting process. There are TEFL jobs boards both in Italy and on the internet, and also classified ads in local newspapers throughout the country. You can apply every month of the year, there is peak time for employment. We recommend you learn some basic Italian words and phrases to boost your chances of gaining employment.

The Italian TEFL job market is like a lot of places, very competitive but the size of the country and the number of language schools located here makes getting employers easier though. If you have a respected TEFL, TESOL or CELTA certificate and a degree this will boost your chances of finding teaching work. Also if you are a native speaker from an EU country this will make the whole process easier as language schools won't need to worry about the hassle with work permits.


Applying to Teach in Italy through an Agency

Some agencies offer internationals the chance to work as teachers in Italy but they charge a fee for this service. Generally what is included is pre-departure information and advice, host family search, screening and teaching placement, in-country assistance and support, 24-hour emergency contacts and accommodation. You will be expected to cover flights, insurance, visa and also transport and sightseeing activities.


Best Places to Teach in Italy

Most teaching jobs are found in the larger cities where most employers are based but there are language schools and employers located throughout the country. Where you teach really depends on personal preference or where you get offer a job.

Looking for a beautiful destination to teach English? Choose Florence. This city has a population of around 300,000+ people and Florence is very relaxed compared to other places in Italy. You can find work in public and private schools.

When teaching in Milan you can experience world famous fashion and shopping, places like Lake Como are also located nearby.

Rome is one of the most beautiful cities in the world to teach English, there are ancient ruins, world famous tourist sights, pretty cafes and so many restaurants!

Venice is unlike any other teaching abroad destinations in the world, you could commute to work by walking or ride a gondola!



Getting to Italy
Italy is located in Southern Europe and getting here is very easy to get to by bus, rail or air if you live outside of Europe. 

Visa & Requirements
Usually, citizens from EU countries are preferred because they don’t need a visa or a working permit. If you live outside the EU you can also apply to work in Italy too, but there is some restrictions and it is slightly more complicated to get a visa. Some people often teach in exchange for cash in hand but this is risky and against the law, if you get caught you could be thrown out of the country.

Cost of Living
The cost of living in Italy is quite high, but this is compensated by the salary you can make. You should be able to make enough in wages to cover your expenses like accommodation, food, going out and transport.

What to Do in Your Spare Time
Italy shares borders with Austria, France, Slovenia and Switzerland - all of which can be explored in your spare time when you are not teaching. If you are teaching in the North of Italy you might like to go skiing or in Southern Italy there are spectacular beaches and scenic islands to visit.


Italy TEFL Reviews & Testimonials

Have you ever been to teach abroad in Italy? Share your experience or a review / recommend an employer and get in touch with us.


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