A Guide to Teaching in Portugal

Portugal is a very developed with a huge tourism industry and a high standard of living. Although many Portuguese people can can speak English there is still a need for international teachers to help people who can't and people who want to improve their speaking, writing and reading skills. 

One of the main reasons for people to learn English is because of the tourism industry which employs thousands of people in the country. If locals can understand and speak English they stand a better of chance of getting work and also improving their job prospects which is where the demand for TEFL teachers comes. 

With a growing number of opportunities and the relative ease in finding teaching work, Portugal is an increasingly popular destination for TEFL teachers.  If you would like to teach English in Portugual our guide should provide you with everything you need to know.


TEFL Certification Courses in Portugal

Most schools ask teachers to have a degree and a TEFL TESOL certification. If you are not already qualified then you might like to book a TEFL course in Portugal.


Popular Places to Teach English in Portugal

Most jobs can be found in the larger cities like Lisbon and Porto.


How to Get a Teaching Job in Portugal

Most jobs can be found at private foreign language schools where you will be intructing business professionals, students and people seeking to progress careers or move abroad. You can usually find work all year round, the peak months seem to be September, October and January. Most recruiters will require you to have an interview over Skype or in person.


Top Tips for Landing a TEFL Job in Portugal

Get your CV up to date and try to drop by as many language schools as possible.


Average Working Week

Expect to teach around 20-30 hours per week.


Cost of Living

This really depends where in the country you are based. Cities like Lison and Porto have higher living costs, generally around 500 - 800 Euros per month.



The Portuguese economy is struggling but you can still make enough to save. Expect an average salary of around £500 - £900 ($800 - 1200). It is very rare to find an employer who will pay for your flights and accommodation.


Portugal TEFL Reviews & Testimonials

Have you been to teach in Portugal? Would you like to share your experience or review an employer? Contact us.

"I wouldn't advise anyone to try to make a career in TEFL in Portugal, maybe as something to do for a few months while travelling through. To be honest I did it because my husband is  Portuguese and I was living there, and he had a good job at the time which allowed me to pick and choose a bit. I soon found out to get anywhere at all you had to be VERY highly qualified, and even then there was no guarnantee. With so many online tefl courses available I'd have to do a bit of research as to what the opportunities are, if any. There aren't the same opportunities for work in Portugal as say, Ireland because the salaries are still quite low for a European counrty. Having said that I am passionate about Portugal as a travel destination and feel there is still a lot of the undiscovered pearl about it." - Susan, TEFL teacher from Ireland has taught all over Portugal and currently lives in the Algarve.


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