Good Hope Volunteers

Good Hope Volunteers

We bring volunteers together to work on a variety of projects that are dependent on volunteer assistance. We aim to build a better South Africa through a range of community and conservation projects that support those who truly need it. 

We are dedicated to providing sustainable volunteer opportunities that bring people from all over the world to South Africa to experience its unique beauty, warm-hearted people, natural wonders, and varied wildlife by getting deeply involved; people who will not only make an impact on local communities, but leave changed themselves. We have been offering volunteer projects in Cape Town, along the Garden Route, in other parts of South Africa, and in Namibia since 2009.

If you are willing to lend your time and skills to a volunteer project of your choice, we will use all our expertise and passion to make this an experience of a lifetime for you. During your time at the volunteer project, we will work hard to ensure that you benefit as a person as much as the project will benefit through your efforts.

None of the projects we work with could function without the dedication and hard work of volunteers from all over the world. You will assist your project not only with your dedication, time and skills, but your financial contributions will also enable them to make their visions come true. A child's smile or a healthy animal released back into the wild are the rewards for your hard work. You also have the opportunity to experience the country in a way that no tourist ever will, make friends and broaden your horizons.


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Good Hope Volunteers Reviews

Safe heaven project - Good Hope Volunteer

I really enjoyed to be part of a volunteer project at Good Hope.
I spent 2 weeks helping and support people and children in need and i learned a lot with them.
It was a huge experience for myself and i started to look the world with a different point of view. And i really think that everybody needs to do some volunteer job, at least once, and Good Hope gave me that opportunity. The support and organization at Good Hope were so nice. I hope do it again some time.

By: Rebeca
Nationality: Brazilian
Age: 23

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