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Plan My Gap Year

Plan My Gap Year (PMGY) is an award-winning international volunteer placement organisation based in the UK and the US. 

Plan My Gap Year is an award-winning volunteer travel organisation, offering life-changing experiences across 17 countries in Africa, Asia & South America. PMGY provide a safe, structured and social platform with volunteer, travel and immersion opportunities available from 1-40 weeks. With over 10 years of experience and expertise, PMGY is widely regarded as the global leader in affordable and trustworthy international volunteering experiences.
Our international headquarters are based in the UK & USA and we have local teams based in every host destination to ensure you have a positive impact whilst overseas. Whether you’re looking to take a gap year, give back to a local community or simply travelling overseas we are here to help organise every aspect of your trip. Are you ready for it?


Africa – 1-24 Weeks – Year-Round Start Dates

  • Volunteer in Ghana – From £250
  • Volunteer in Madagascar – From £180
  • Volunteer in Morocco – From £150
  • Volunteer in Tanzania – From £250
  • Volunteer in South Africa – From £290


Asia & The Pacific – 1-24 Weeks – Year-Round Start Dates

  • Volunteer in Bali – From £220
  • Volunteer in Cambodia – From £240
  • Volunteer in Fiji - From £260
  • Volunteer in India – From £220
  • Volunteer in the Maldives - From £430
  • Volunteer in Nepal – From £250
  • Volunteer in Sri Lanka – From £260
  • Volunteer in Thailand – From £240
  • Volunteer in Vietnam – From £290


Latin America – 1-12 Weeks – Year-Round Start Dates

  • Volunteer in Costa Rica – From £280
  • Volunteer in Ecuador – From £250
  • Volunteer in Peru – From £190


Duration / Dates

Our programmes run from just one week in duration right up to six months. You can join us throughout the year as we have two start dates every month of the year. Therefore you decide when you go and how long you go for.

Costs / Pay

- Accommodation
- Meals
- Airport Transfers
- In-Country Orientation
- Transport to/from Project
- 24 Hour In-Country/UK Based Support
- Comprehensive Volunteer Handbook
- Live Pre-Departure Webinars
- 100% Financial Protections
- Regular Program Inspection
- Certificate of Completion

Contact Info

Tel: 01892 750555

Address : Unit B, The Brewery, Bells Yew Green, East Sussex, TN3 9BD

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Plan My Gap Year Reviews

Go to Ghana, you won't regret

I highly recommend everyone take time, save money and go to Ghana with pmgy. Absolutely on of the best Experiences in my life. Staff was like a warm welcoming family helping you with everything.

By: Saida Melgar
Nationality: Finland
Age: 27


I had a great time volunteering in Sri Lanka (Summer 2018) and I would definitely recommend it!! The accomodation was very clean, the food was great!! The coordinators were always ready to help and answer your questions! It was my first solo trip and I was a bit nervous at first, but I'm glad I chose PMGY. I felt like I was at home. It was a great experience working with the kids, they're so friendly and loving. They're always smiling and eager to learn and play. I would definitely go back!

By: Aarapi
Nationality: Canadian
Age: 21

Absolutely Brilliant

Have already recommended to friends, and would recommend to many others.

By: Sion
Nationality: British
Age: 18

PMGY Maldives Island Experience

The 2 weeks that I spent in the Maldives were amazing, the volunteers who looked after us when we were there definitely put the effort in to make the experience as fun as possible. However, the management team of the maldives were very disorganised leaving the volunteers to arrange our activities most days. There were a few days where we sat and did nothing for the whole morning because nothing had been arranged. Although the itinerary wasn’t carried out as it stated on the website the experience was still fantastic and I would recommend the programme if the management team were sorted.

By: Millie
Nationality: British
Age: 17

PMGY Thailand

I spent an incredible month in Thailand ! I applied for childcare, and it is definitively one of the best decision I have made in my life. The kids were so adorable, I mostly just helped the teacher, did some activities and taught a bit of english. Moreover, during a week I had the opportunity to be a teacher for an english camp. I will never forget the kids, I can say that they have changed my life.
Talking about the accomodation, it was really great ! They are really nice, they basically helped us with everything. So, Thailand is really a good choice and there are so much things to see.
And if english is not your mother tongue, don't worry ! I was a bit afraid at first, but the other volunteers were nice and patient.

I really want to thank pmgy for the opportunity they gave me. I met incredible people, I made good friends and especially I spent the best month of my life.

By: Olivia
Nationality: French
Age: 18

Volunteering with PMGY offered me the most incredible moments in my life, and change me as a person

Plan My Gap Year exceeded all my expectations, I am passionate about helping kids and youths that was the reason I chose to volunteer in Sri Lanka, but I have never imagined that this experience change the person inside me. YES I did it once and will repeat it again and again! Other volunteers shared their experience in different projects such as medical, mental health, turtles conservation and elephant orphanage and it met all their expectations. We spent our nights sharing the different experience from all the projects, and some got excited to do more than project a day! I'd highly recommend PMGY Sri Lanka projects - it should definitely be on your bucket list. You have one life, it’s your choice to make it count!

By: Abeer Alfar
Nationality: Dubai
Age: 21

Amazing Sri Lankan Experience

This is the best company to go with whether you are an experienced volunteer or this is your first time. You have support from the moment you book with them right up until you leave.

I would 100% recommend PMGY!

By: Melissa
Nationality: United Kingdom
Age: 22

Tanzania orphanage

Had the best time with PMGY! The team back home are so organised and approachable if you have any questions. The children are incredible and you really can make a big difference here. PMGY were previously voted the best organisation to make a positive impact so you know you are going with the right people. Tanzania is a stunning country with generous, friendly happy people. Pmgy also do great excursions and there is loads to do locally on the weekends. You make friends for life, learn a bit of a new language and leave with a piece of Tanzania forever etched in your heart!

By: Emma
Nationality: British
Age: 22

PMGY Medical placement

I got to see and do a lot in my 2 weeks over seas however the medical placement was at times upsetting and frustrating due to lack of resources in the hospital. Also the place we stayed in was completely different to the one shown on the video. The weekend trips were amazing and the safari was so good too! I would definitely recommend going to Tanzania. I throughly enjoyed myself

By: Hannah
Nationality: British
Age: 17

Sri Lanka - orphanage project

I spent 6 weeks volunteering with PMGY in summer 2016. It was an incredible experience and I would definitely recommend it to anyone considering a trip abroad. The girls in the orphanage were amazing, I still think about them on a regular basis, i’d Love to go back and visit sometime.
The staff were amazing, so much fun and they really cared about the volunteers. As it got further into Summer and the number of volunteers increased it was clear there was some strain on the staff, but this didn’t impact my experience volunteering. It was just a shame that we had to see the coordinators being stretched so much, they were such wonderful people.
I would go back in a heart beat to Sri Lanka, but I would also recommend PMGY for any other location. The company has a personal feel, you are really are treated brilliantly. I even met the founder when he came out to Sri Lanka, it was his birthday and we had a party. It was little things like that which make this company stand out from the crowd.

By: Beth
Nationality: British
Age: 19

PMGY India

I absolutely loved my experience in India and it is like nothing I have ever done before. I had never left Europe before this trip but PMGY helped me so much with booking flights and getting all the necessary paperwork and were really quick to help and reply to any emails / queries. When there I got to travel to some amazing places that I never thought I would be able to do, the project really helps with actually seeing the country and meeting the people within it, it in no way inhibits your travelling! Also the help is exceptional in terms of organising travel at the weekends and during the week.

By: Chloe Brady
Nationality: British
Age: 17

The PMGY Sri Lanka Family

5 stars does not feel enough for this amazing company! Right from the booking process to the very moment I left the projects, plan my gap year have been amazing! I did 4 weeks in Sri Lanka, 2 weeks on the elephant experience and 2 weeks on the turtle conservation. Before arriving, any questions I had were answered immediately and as soon as I arrived in Sri Lanka I felt welcome, safe and a part of the family. A special mention to Ashika who I believe is the main organiser of the projects in Sri Lanka, a truly great guy who you can tell genuinely cares about each one of the projects and the upkeep and development of them. Every single member of staff were amazing, going above and beyond to help you when you needed it and to make sure both we was having the best time and that the projects were as effective as possible in every way. I honestly cannot think of a word that sums up how truly incredible the PMGY Sri Lanka staff are, it is like one big family and I for sure felt a part of that family the moment I arrived. The house where I stayed was very nice, always clean, great facilities and amazing food was cook for us by the sisters. I never heard a single complaint from any of us volunteers in the house the whole time. All the weekend trips that were put on were fantastic and yet again, likewise with everything very well organised. A truly incredible experience from start to finish which I will be highly recommending to all. Thank you all for the best month I could have wished for.

By: Aston
Nationality: English
Age: 23

PMGY Sri Lanka

Currently here volunteering for 7 weeks and absolutely loving it! All the coordinators are absolutely loving and will help you with anything you need. All projects are set up amazing and I guarantee you will fall in love with this country if you come here!

By: Gemma
Nationality: UK
Age: 20

Sri Lanka Turtle Project and Real Nepal Experience

I absolutely loved the turtle project in Sri Lanka, it was such an incredible experience releasing the young turtles into the sea. The staff were incredibly friendly. We were in a lovely area of Sri Lanka, with lots of beach towns nearby to spend our weekends/evenings. My only regret is that I couldn’t see more of the country, which I would have done if I had signed onto the Real Experience programme, or had been in the country longer with more weekends to spare. The company was much cheaper than others of its kind. I have also been on the Nepal Real Experience, which I would highly recommend. I managed to see everything I wanted to in Nepal in the 4 week trip, and it was probably the best trip of my life. If you have the time/money, the real experiences are definitely the best way to see the country.

By: Ellen Taylor
Nationality: British
Age: 22

PMGY - India Medical Programme

I went on the PMGY India programme in August and it's definitely the most amazing experience I've had. All the volunteers get on well with each other and you get to develop so many skills on the medical placements.
Would recommend for anyone looking to have a good time and good work experience

By: Alex
Nationality: British
Age: 17

Pmgy India Orpahnge Program

After spending an amazing three weeks with PMGY India my entire outlook on life was changed. Before even getting to India PMGY did a fantastic job of making sure I was fully prepared. Getting off the airplane in the Delhi airport was overwhelming but PMGY was there right away from start to finish to make sure I was safe, informed, and had a great experience. I was part of the orphanage program but there was plenty of opportunity to branch out and be part of other programs that interested me. The accomodation were modest and well kept. The absolute highlight of the entire experience was the children you get to make bonds with and learn from. PMGY is a must for anyone that wants to give back and be apart of a new culture.

By: Imani McCray
Nationality: Black
Age: 25

Sri Lanka Medical and orphanage experience

My experience in Sri Lanka was amazing. The program was very organised and gave me a lot of experience especially in the hospital. Volunteering in the orphanage was so cute the girls were so fun. I loved my entire experience in Sri Lanka

By: Lucy Bird
Nationality: British
Age: 18

Sri Lanka English Teaching

I had the best experience in Sri Lanka, no doubt about it! I have made lifelong friends from all around the world, grew to love every one of my students, and my perspectives on life will never be the same after this trip. The house I stayed in was very welcoming and all of the volunteers were so supportive of each other. The program leader truly cared for each and every one of us. He even threw a Thanksgiving dinner celebration to make the 2 American volunteers feel at home! I learned so much about Sri Lankan culture, and was absolutely heartbroken to be leaving. I highly recommend this program to any young adult looking to travel on their own. Living in a house full of people, who are all going through the same thing, makes the whole experience less scary. Sri Lanka is a very safe and welcoming country, there are beautiful beaches and jungles everywhere! The food is delicious and everything is very inexpensive (lobster for the price of a burger in America!). I researched for weeks to find the best program, and I'm positive that PMGY was the perfect one for an amazing price :)

By: Kayla Brooks
Nationality: American
Age: 18

Vietnam 2 weeks teaching project

Loved every second of the experience! Although the accommodation wasn’t the most hygienic (with rats in the kitchen) it only took a day to accept that’s how the locals lived. The staff at the summer school I volunteered at were very friendly and welcoming, on the Friday before I left one of the staff members invited me to join them for a staff party at their house- they cooked local cuisine and it was so lovely to be accepted into the culture after such a short space of time! As this was my first time over-seas as a lone female traveller It was very helpful to have such a supporting and helpful organisation to cater for all my needs before, during and even after the trip! Amazing!!!

By: Abigail
Nationality: British
Age: 20

I can just say good things about it

I spent two weeks in Sri Lanka las summer and all I can say are good things! The staff was really professional, lovely and everything was extremely well organized. It was the first time I was travelling by my own but PMGY made me feel very comfortable and I safe all the time. I highly recommend this experience and this company, as it is affordable, professiona and highly competent. Great job!

By: Sigrid Veronica
Nationality: Spanish
Age: 19

PMGY Ghana 3 Weeks English Teaching Volunteering 2016

Volunteering with Plan My Gap Year in the summer of 2016 was truly an incredible experience that I'm so happy I embarked on. While in many ways travelling as far as Ghana at the age of 17 by yourself can be seen as quite a daunting experience, PMGY made it seem the complete opposite. The team both in the U.K. and in Ghana are so supportive. Seth the project co-ordinator in Ghana is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet, he truly welcomes you in to the Volunteering family that PMGY have set up over there. No matter your issue Seth will attempt to sort it for you and will always be trying to make sure you're having the best time possible.
The projects themselves are also great, while it may be a bit of a culture shock to some, you do truly learn a lot from helping the children and teachers out in the school and you can tell the children do appreciate it as well. My only advise would be to stay there as long as you can, my only regret is being there for only 3 weeks as it takes a bit of time to connect with the kids. However, after 1/2 weeks you begin to see a connection with the children forming and you'll also wish you could have stayed there longer.

By: Jake Donkin-Peters
Nationality: British German
Age: 19

Amazing and I’m not even half way through

I have just spent a month in Nepal staying with a host family and it was such an amazing experience I cannot even describe how much I have learnt. Now I am in India and am experiencing different sides of humanity that I didn’t know existed, I can’t wait to see what the rest of my trip will bring

By: Charlie Miller
Nationality: Uk
Age: 18

India Medical Programme

I loved my four weeks in India! I did it as my elective placement as part of my nursing course and really enjoyed it. I wouldn't say I gained many medical skills as such but did gain a big insight into the Indian medical system. I was also able to watch a broad range of surgeries and partake in various clinics. I was well supported before I left the UK and in India, the volunteer coordinator Jon and programme leaders Vishy and Kranti were incredibly helpful and friendly, helping with whatever I needed. Definitely would recommend PMGY for pre-uni people but students in the process of their degree can definitely benefit too :)

By: Charlotte
Nationality: British
Age: 21

Sri Lanka turtle project - amazing experience

If you're planning to volunteer in Sri Lanka the best project is turtles. Taking care them and realising baby ones into the ocean is really amazing. The staff at the turtle hatchery is really friendly. I loved my two weeks in Sri Lanka. Met some really cool people. Most volunteers are from UK some from USA, not much people from other countries. I regret I couldn't stay longer. Turtles the best! :D

By: Dominik Kubica
Nationality: Polish
Age: 21


I have volunteered with PMGY in Delhi and Sri Lanka. In Delhi I did the teaching of English and in Sri Lanka I did the elephant experience. Both were very well organised, it's a great price for all they do for you. The in country team for both projects are great and go above and beyond for you. 100% recommend.

By: Shannon Fairley
Nationality: British
Age: 21

PMGY Sri Lanka: A Once in a Lifetime Experience

Loved my 4 months in Sri Lanka!! I volunteered for the turtle project and was able to feed, play, hold and release turtles throughout my stay. The turtles will always have a place in my heart and I will never forget my experiences, making friends whilst exploring the country.

By: Natasha Baker
Nationality: British
Age: 22

Plan my gap year - Sri Lanka

I really enjoyed the two week medical project and it was a big eye opener to witness the difference in the healthcare system there in comparison to the UK. Great opportunity.

By: Helen
Nationality: Black british
Age: 31

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