V2 Volunteer & Vacation

V2 Volunteer & Vacation

V2 Volunteer & Vacation, specialises in stimulating volunteer projects in the Caribbean. In our two week immersion placements volunteers gain an understanding of the crucial work of local projects and the communities they serve.

V2 combines volunteering with exciting vacation experiences, exploring the Caribbean’s rich heritage and natural beauty. V2 specialises in short-term volunteering placements in the Caribbean. We partner with development agencies, NGOs and charities in Jamaica and Tobago to arrange placements for volunteers.

V2 recognise the need of individuals and groups wanting to give back, gain experience and make a positive impact through volunteer placements. We develop placement programmes for volunteers with a limited amount of time. For these reasons, V2 specialises in two week immersion placements. 

Through our immersion placements, volunteers get a feel for the critical work of their organisation, an understanding of the culture and communities they serve, the opportunity to contribute ideas and skills with a mutual commitment to working and learning together.

No volunteer experience would be complete without spending some time truly getting to know the surrounding area. V2 undoubtedly focuses on the volunteer placement; we want volunteers to have their most meaningful volunteer experience, we also want to give our volunteers the opportunity to explore their destination with us through an unforgettable journey.  

We also now offer a 7-day immersive experience in Bolivia!

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