One of the most common questions we get asked is how can I save money, fundraise or how can I afford to volunteer abroad. Sometimes with flights, accommodation, meals and if you apply through an agency or give a donation the price of volunteering can all add up. 

View our guide with information about companies which offer grants and sponsorships and advice about how you can earn money towards your volunteer travels.


1. Choose The Right Project Or Organisation

Volunteering abroad doesn't have to be expensive there are lots of really amazing opportunities including free and low cost volunteering programs abroad.

You can view these on our website by searching featured organisations. You will find if you apply through an agency you will need to pay a fee and also you might need to pay a donation when applying direct. Try to choose a cheap options if you have a limited budget.

If you apply through an international volunteer organisations they should be able to provide fundraising help and advice.


2. Decide On A Destination

There are volunteer opportunities all around the world, but you don't really have to leave your home country. In the UK for example there are lots of ways to volunteer locally at no cost.

If you have your heart set on going abroad you could choose a country close to where you live as this will mean flights and travel will be cheaper.

If you are going to travel long-haul and are on a budget try to choose a country where the cost of living is low. Some countries will provide much better value for money than others.

Some travel operators offer combo experiences for example gap year programs and group tours which can sometimes include volunteering in the trip - you can look at this as two for the price of one.


3. Have An End Goal With Money You Need To Raise

If you have a figure you need to reach to secure a place volunteering abroad then this makes the whole process easier. Starting out with a high price might seem daunting but when you start saving money towards a trip it will get easier with a countdown. Knowing what amount of money you need to reach will make it easier to see what you need to do to make the savings.


4. Work Work Work

If you don't have a job look for employment and try to save money. If you already have a job, think about getting a part time job at weekends. This is a great way to add to funds, it doesn't have to be an official job you could ask your friends, family or neighbours if there is anything you can do like gardening, washing cars etc.


5. Cut Down On Your Current Expenses

If you are going out a lot drinking, buying lots of clothes or spending money on non-essential items try to cut back on these things and you will see how much money you will save. Possibly instead of driving or spending money on transport, try to walk or get a life with family and friends.


6. Create An Online Blog Or Donation Page

Provide people (even those you do not know) with information for what you are trying to raise money for. People around the world can be quite generous especially for good causes and also people you know will be able to give an online donation towards your efforts.


7. Apply For A Grant

A lot of people do not know there is financial assistance for people seeking to volunteer. In the UK go to your local library and ask for the book of grant making trusts. This will provide details of organisations which help people like you participate on volunteering projects around the world.


8. Ask People For Donations

Ask around, your friends, family, teacher, work colleagues and anyone else. The worst case cenario is them saying no and then you have lost nothing. Or even if they donate a little bit this might make all the difference to your end goal.

You could also send people e-mails or messages on facebook this won't make them feel underpressure to help. We are sure if you explain your reasons for wanting to travel and help around the world lots of people will be really thrilled to help you achieve your aim.

Moreover, you can personalize your fundraising efforts by offering supporters to mark their contributions through a Fundraising Brick. You can invite individuals to become part of your journey, each marked by an engraved brick, symbolizing their lasting impact.


9. Plan Your Trip Wisely

Book cheap accommodation, look for the best deals on flights and travel insurance and you might end up saving a lot. Try to get everything booking well in advance and also choose less popular times of the year to travel.


10. More Information

These are just a few of the ideas we have for fundraising and volunteering abroad, hopefully you have found them helpful. Now what are you waiting for, start planning your trip today!

Or view our volunteering abroad directory for a full list of organisations and projects. Please contact and we will be happy to help with any questions you might have, or send us your suggestions or experiences.

We hope our guide on how to raise money for your dream trip volunteering has been useful and we hope these tips for saving and raising money help you to fund travels. 


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