Join meaningful volunteer programs and worthwhile projects in Dharamsala, India with iSpiice (Integtared Social Programs in Indian Child Education).

iSpiice was set up to assist children’s education in India and to provide volunteers with meaningful travel opportunities in India. iSpiice has since moved into gender issues, improving the lives of women in rural India and improving access to health care for all.

Project growth opportunities are identified by taking counsel from locals who are the real experts when it comes to the communities’ development needs. After discussion with local staff, partner institutions and local community members a project plan is devised and iSpiice volunteers are invited to help meet mutual goals.

iSpiice aim to be flexible in its offerings to support the communities holistic development and also to make the most of volunteers wide range of skills, experiences and abilities. You can join our programs from 2-12 weeks. There are start dates offered all year round. 

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iSPiiCE Reviews

One of a kind experience

Last February I spent 1 month volunteering at ispiice in Dharamsala! It was such and amazing experience!!! The people you meet, the things you do, all of the experience it’s so rewarding!! It felt like home and for me the best part was finding myself and being able to give a little part of me to others! Thank you ispiice for this unique yet so amazing trip!

By: Rocio
Nationality: Spanish
Age: 25

Life Changing Experience

This experience was amazing in so many ways. You will learn so much about the culture and way of living, you will experience beautiful nature, country, hectic and full of energy city streets, and markets. You will always be and feel welcomed and appreciated while volunteering in any project. I worked with kids in a small village school and also with the kids in the slum areas. ISPiice staff and volunteer home are very accomodating. I met wonderful people along the way and now have life long friends. You will enjoy visiting tea plantations, the amazing Taj Mahal, treking the Himalayas, visiting the Dali Llama school and museum, and so much more! I was there for 3 weeks and would highly recommend this program, you will forever have India in your heart after you leave.

By: Tamara
Nationality: American
Age: 55

Amazing experience

Volunteering with iSPiiCE was a wonderful experience; I worked with children in various areas of Dharamshala, many of whom didn't go to school.
It gave me a valuable understanding of life in these rural areas as well as a better insight into their lives.
I also had the opportunity to go trekking, visit the Golden Temple and much more.
iSPiiCE is a wonderful organisation and the team there is always at hand to help in every way. I would highly recommend them if you are looking to do something different whilst travelling.

By: Falguni Patel
Nationality: British
Age: 38

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