InterExchange is a nonprofit organization devoted to promoting cross-cultural awareness through work and volunteer exchange programs.

For 55 years, InterExchange has been connecting young people from all over the world with life-changing international cultural exchange opportunities.

We are designated to sponsor the J-1 Visa in the United States for the Au Pair, Camp Counselor, Intern, Trainee, and Summer Work Travel programs. We also offer various opportunities for young Americans to work, travel, and learn in other countries. The InterExchange Foundation supports young Americans who want to make a difference in their host communities abroad.

Our experienced team - everyone has lived abroad at least once - helps you find the right program for your goals, provides pre-departure orientation materials and guidance, makes sure your program is fantastic while you're abroad and offers alumni resources once you return home. Wherever you want to go, we can get you there!

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InterExchange Reviews

Working & Travelling

It was an amazing experience to work abroad with InterExchange, I got to meet great new people and friends for life. It would be awesome if they had more chances for Peruvians.

By: Laura Aller
Nationality: Peruvian
Age: 20

Interexchange are the best

I really recommend InterExchange as a visa sponsor. They explain how to sort things out really well and make everything super easy if you are looking to work abroad! I had the best summer ever! I couldn’t recommend them enough!

By: Eleanor Bird
Nationality: British
Age: 21

Excellent Sponsor

I worked in Noah’s Ark Waterpark EEUU, and the experience with this company was excellent, they were always on the lookout, and they solved all my questions and problems very soon.

By: Nathalia Vargas
Nationality: Colombia
Age: 21

Very satisfied with InterExchange

I have been working as an au pair in the United States for 2 months now and I can already say that I made the right decision to come and work abroad with InterExchange. The program they offer is very efficient and they help to get everything set up. I am very happy with my experience so far.

By: Danillo Fernando
Nationality: Brasilian
Age: 25

Great Company!

I have been working in the USA and I would recommend InterExchange to anyone.

By: Adriaan
Nationality: South African
Age: 25

Au pair in America

I went to America as an au pair twice now and both times with interexchange. It’s an amazing experience and i really felt like i was in good hands. They help you with your documents as well as a great au pair training program in Nyc.

By: Jaqueline Klapperich
Nationality: German
Age: 23

A year of growth and self discovery

I was placed in the suburbs of NY with an amazing family. Being an au pair is not an easy job but spending your weekends exploring and your free moments planning vacations, it's definitely worth it. A year abroad has brought me so much personal growth and independence and I would recommend it to almost anyone. Interexchange is the best agency by far. They really do care about your well-being and offer the right kind of support before and during your time abroad.

By: Janice
Nationality: South African
Age: 26


I participated in WAT program in 2014, and after that was working as a tutor of the program for students who was interested in this program. Work and travel is great life experience you will ever have. Mostly it's cultural exchange. Being in another country and learning so much. I wish every student to be brave. Also, don't forget that you are the face of your country, so be respectful for your culture and country you are in.
Luck to everyone!

By: Aisylu
Nationality: Tatar
Age: 25

The most wonderful experience of my Life

I had a lot of fun exchanging experiences and made a lot of new friends. The experience of working in another country is a whole new thing. I improved my English and learned to make buissnes. I leave a big like and hope to get there again as soon as possible.

By: Marsel Kasa
Nationality: Albanian
Age: 21

My Au Pair experience

I am approaching my one year au pair anniversary and it has been full of unforgetable experiences, special friendships and unlimited adventures.

Being an au pair has allowed me to travel to America whilst living and working with children; a job that I love.

On top of working, I have met some great friends and have travelled through different states in the US. And im currently preparing for a trip to New York for Christmas !!

Being a live in au pair has enabled me to experience true American culture whilst being part of a new family.

If you want to experience life out of your country, then give Au Pairing a go. You will not look back!

Keep up todate with my experience on my instagram at @beccawhi and on the Eazycity blog

By: Rebecca
Nationality: Irish
Age: 24

Life changing experience!

InterExchange does more than just giving you a taste of American culture, it brings in a number of people from all around the world and different walks of life which you will get to meet for work and maybe even travel with and for me, having to leave my comfort zone and travel to America by myself has been the best thing I have done in my life so far! I have made friends for life and definitely have come out of my shell and truly love and miss having the experience of meeting and getting to know people, whether it be people at work, at a hostel(by the way I was scared of stayint at hostelst before coming to America through this organisation and now i recommend everyone to go because you get to meet so many people), or even strangers walking by the street as well as getting to travel around the country. I recommend everyone to do this at least once, it's definitely worth it!

By: Mark O'Sullivan
Nationality: Filipino/Irish
Age: 21

Everyone should do this!!!

I am currently in my second year as an AuPair in the US and I just want to say what an amazing experience it has been so far. Not only have I been given the opportunity to travel through this amazing country, but I have become so close with my host parents I see them more as family. If you are hesitant on whether or not to go, I promise you it is definitely worth it and you won't regret your decision!!

By: Anje
Nationality: South African
Age: 21

It was the best summer in my life!

Thank you, InterExchange for the opportunity to work and to travel in such a wonderful country the USA! I'm glad to have all these memories, experiences and feelings because I spent a cool summer in America!

By: Ekaterina
Nationality: Russian
Age: 21

Opportunity Of A Lifetime

It’s hard to believe my 8-week InterExchange experience here in San Lorenzo Al Mare, Italy will be coming to an end next week. Before applying to the program about six months ago, my only expectations were to learn about a new culture, teach adorable Italian children English and travel throughout Italy. I had no idea what an impact this experience would have on my life.

From the beginning, InterExchange was easy to communicate with, via phone and email. My main contact was Ashley, and she was a pleasure to work with! In the application process, I had to submit a number of documents, make a down payment and have a Skype interview (to help with my host family and school match). Whenever I had a question, Ashley quickly responded, providing detailed answers and helpful resources.

Without any teaching experience, and only speaking English, I decided to go for it and apply to be a Student Teacher Assistant in Italy. I taught in two schools, four days a week, for four hours a day, as well as tutored children outside of the school (which was not part of the program). The teachers I worked with spoke excellent English, and I was never left to teach alone in the classroom. The kids were a pleasure to be around, as they were so loving (endless hugs throughout the day) and always eager to learn new English words and grammar.

InterExchange matched me with the best family. I’m an only child, but in Italy I had two little brothers, Umberto (10) and Giuseppe (11). They treated me like their big sister, spoke great English and taught me new things on a daily basis. My host family was so welcoming and always treated me like their own. I will not only miss them, but also miss the delicious homecooked meals!

On the weekends, I traveled by myself where I had the chance to meet people from other cultures, see jaw-dropping sights and eat delicious cuisine (especially gelato). My host mom helped me with my solo travels by navigating transportation (train/bus) beforehand, where to stay and what to do while I’m there. I not only explored Italy, but the French Riviera in France, as well. I’m definitely ready to see more of the world after this experience!

I highly recommend InterExchange program. I learned new skills through teaching and tutoring, gained more confidence traveling by myself being thousands of miles away from home, and met a family I will never forget. Thank you, InterExchange, for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime.

By: Amanda
Nationality: American
Age: 24

Great Experience with InterExchange in New York City

I never dreamed that I would see New York but it happened. Working abroad was a really quick choice made with two of my friends and we got to travel, work and live together in USA for 4 months. Sometimes it wasn't easy for us but we had a lot of fun, made some good friends, learnt to speak English better and after all the hard work we enjoyed everything.

I'm so glad and proud I applied because I got to do so many things like going to the top of the Empire State Building, crossing the Brooklyn Bridge by day and night, visiting Times Square and seeing Central Park etc. As a recommendation: travel more, enjoy every moment, invest in yourself and choose to work & travel.

By: Madalina Bumb
Nationality: Romanian
Age: 20

Dream Experience

Work and Travel USA with InterExchange - an experience I will never forget.

By: Gillian Kelly
Nationality: Jamaican
Age: 29

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