In 1989 the plight of the vervet monkey came to light when an orphaned baby vervet monkey, only hours old was discovered. Enquiries to recognised authorities concerning the fate of such primates revealed that there were no facilities to provide for its care and welfare, instead they were killed because such animals were regarded as vermin.

In 1993 The Vervet Monkey Foundation was established to offer a place of safety for these animals and give them a 2nd chance at life, constanly working on programs to make sure the yearly orphans coming in from human conflict, motor vehicle accidents and ex pets are intergrated as naturally as possible back to there nown kind.

In 2004 The Vervet monkey foundation was introduced to the concept of volunteers and the much needed help made it possible to provide the neccessary care, enrichment and facilities to ensure that these animals where give the greatest chance to live as naturally as possible.

The Vervet Monkey foundation promotes a animal friendly lifestyle realising fully the importance of our impact on the environment and how the choices we make can have a negative impact on those we trying to help.

If you would like to get involved in a project that puts those in its care first and you would love to have an experience of a lifetime teaching and learning from and with primates, watching them grow and interact with there new familys and you like to feel part of the team makeing a diffence with dedication and hard work then this is the project for you