Not ready to settle into a normal routine or career?

Why not leave your hometown and comfort zone behind and view our ideas for the best things to do overseas.


1. Seek Employment Overseas

Sydney ferry

Would you like to get paid to travel and see the world? Why not consider taking a working holiday? There are so many full time and flexible seasonal-jobs-working-holidays available, popular options include working at a summer camp in the USA, working a winter ski season in Canada at a spectacular resort in the Rockies, working on a farm in Australia, becoming a au-pair in Spain or training to become a bungee instructor working in New Zealand.


2. Volunteer

Elephant Sanctuary Thailand

Looking for a rewarding experience? Why not book a volunteering program overseas. There are opportunities to help people, wildlife and the environment in countries all around the world. Popular programs we recommend include helping elephants in Thailand, teaching English in China, coaching sports in South Africa, helping conservation volunteer programs in Peru or joining a summer language camp in Europe.


3. Gain Work Experience or Teach English 

Hong Kong skyline night

If you are looking to enhance your career you might want to seek internship abroad which will look great to future employers. You could take a certification course and spend a gap year teaching abroad. A lot of people choose to take a TEFL course and then apply for teaching jobs, although there are vacancies all around the world. Thousands of people apply every year and you might find it turns into a long term career.


4. Study Abroad

Language school students

Why not spend a summer, semester or longer period expanding your horizons and knowledge by studying abroad? There are so many cultural exchanges and study abroad programs available all around the world which allow you to live and learn in a new culture. You could even join a program to learn a new language overseas, options include learning Spanish in Spain or South America, learning Portuguese in Brazil or studying Mandarin in China.


5. Go in Search of Adventure

Koh Phi Phi

Interrail, sail, ski, snowboard, scuba dive, small group tours... there are so many thrilling adventures available. Popular opportunities include booking a wildlife safari in Africa, joining a trek up to Machu Picchu in Peru, exploring South-East Asia, learning to become ski instructor in Europe or taking a PADI scuba diving certification in Central America.


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