6 Things to Do Instead of College

6 Things to Do Instead of College

Not keen to start college? Looking for alternative options? Our list of top ideas to do other than college will appeal to you!


1. Take a Gap Year

Gap Year

The renowned gap year, remains just as popular as it always was. What’s more, the opportunities on offer continue to become more diverse with each new generation. However, with the end of grants and the introduction of tuition fees, students are more cautious over the financial implications of a year spent entirely travelling.

As a result, many of the most popular ways to spend a gap year involve working abroad, either as part of, or to fund, the travelling. The type of gap year you get largely comes down to what you can afford and what you'd like to do. Gap year tourism has become big business, however, with a number of student travel agencies that can help with packaged trips. Your only limit is your imagination! 


2. Seek Temporary Employment

The rise of short term work, in call centres and warehouses, is ideal for students, who can spend several months working long hours to fund several months travelling around before returning for another bout of intense work to fund more sightseeing. Overseas there are lots of summer jobs for students and also winter jobs if you prefer a colder climate. One things we highly recommend is applying for summer camp USA.


3. Explore the World


Like jeans, many adventures never go out of fashion, such as booking an adventure tour or travelling through Europe by train, known as InterRailing. Eastern European countries such as Albania and Romania have become the new territories to explore instead of traditional ones such as Morocco and south of France. New flights have made many destinations much more accessible for those who only have a short time to explore. Likewise, other continents have opened up to students, such as Australia. With no language barrier to overcome, work in Australia is relatively easy to come by and it remains a favourite among students.


4. Take a Working Holiday

Working holiday jobs are always popular, with the traditional favourites of becoming an au pair or fruit picking being joined by taking a TEFL course and teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) and humanitarian or conservation work. The latter can be paid but is more usually on a volunteer basis. Some charities also offer students the opportunity to gain a qualification or training in a particular area, such as sports coaching. You could also apply to gain experience on structured paid intern programs.


5. Give Back


A popular option is to volunteer abroad and contribute to meaningful programs. Popular places to go include volunteering in South America, Africa and India. However, if you wish to consider something close to home, there is a rise in opportunities to volunteer in the UK, often for environmental projects and outdoor skills training. Volunteering is being heavily promoted as a way to both broaden your horizons and add something different to your CV – an aspect that is increasingly important in the current economic climate. There are also lots of volunteering jobs with animals which are incredible.


6. Learn Something New


Going abroad and learn a new language overseas. Where you go and what you do comes down to your personal choice, you could study Spanish in Spain, book a Portuguese language course in Brazil or possible get a new hobby like scuba diving or surfing! There are so many learning experience which will help you progress both personally and professionaly.



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Study Abroad Programmes : Summer, Semester or Year in Oxford England

We arrange study abroad programmes for individuals and school or college groups. These are generally taken in the summer, but year round programmes are also available, including pre-university year. 

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Thailand Elephant Care Experience

Thailand has continued to be one of the most tempting destinations for those who are seeking a combination of enchanting natural surroundings, alluring culture, and incredible biodiversity. 

Community Teaching in Vietnam

Work with and assist some of the most disadvantaged communities in Ho Chi Minh and really make a difference – teach English, and provide medicine, water filters for clean drinking water and clothes.

Teaching Placement in Siem Reap, near Angkor Wat

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Work & Travel Ireland

Do more than just tour the Emerald Isle - immerse yourself in the friendly culture of Ireland for up to one year!





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