Best Jobs Abroad for College Grads

Best Jobs Abroad for College Grads

Have you recently graduated and are now looking for options to get away and gain experience overseas? Searching for a dream job in a different country? Wanting to take time out to travel the world and combine this with benefiting a future career? Maybe this idea appeals to you or you have already started planning a gap year, there are hundreds of placements around the world and choosing the right option can be difficult. Hopefully you will get inspired to do something new and apply for a life changing experience through our website. Let us ignite your wanderlust by checking out our guide with our top 10 jobs overseas after graduation...


Grad Jobs - Teach Abroad

1. Teach English Overseas

Get immersed into a new culture whilst being paid - sometimes a lot depending on your chosen destination. Taking a TEFL course and teaching overseas is becoming increasingly popular, you will get to experience life in a country like Thailand, Vietnam, Argentina or if money is your thing why not consider heading to Japan, South Korea or the Middle East. Once you have passed a TEFL course you can apply for employment all around the world, this is a great way to base yourself overseas, see a little bit more of the world and have an enjoyable experience working with children and adults improving their learning. 



Grad Jobs - Intern

2. International Internship Programs

You might be thinking how an internship which is usually unpaid be on a dream gap year job list, well, this is a great way to gain experience to have a well paid career in the future. Also don’t just think about a boring office in your native country, we have placements all around the world in places like Ghana, China, Australia, the USA, Thailand, Caribbean and the UK just to name a few. From learning to scuba dive in an exotic destination like Malaysia and the Caribbean, to learning radio production in Africa to working at a newspaper in Thailand – the programs we have will really get you interested in learning! 



Grad Jobs - Ski Season Canada

3. Ski Season Jobs in Canada

Get paid to live in a spectacular location like the Rockies, Whister, Tremblant or Jasper? Yes please! There are various positions available including training to become a instructor and leading lessons, working in a chalet, taking care of children as a au-pair or working in hospitality. Not many jobs compare to this and to gain employment you will need to apply early as visa spots fill up quick, this is an opportunity not to be missed! View our Canada gap year guide for more info.



4. Work in Australia

Spending a gap year in Australia is top of most people list of things to do when planning a gap year, this country has everything – sun, beaches, outdoors lifestyle, big cities, spectacular nature and also the country has amazing backpacking infrastructure. You can be more than just a traveller by applying to work here, the only hard part is deciding to go home afterwards. The work visa is also flexible so you can work a bit, travel a bit, or just travel and make sure you find employment till the money runs out. 



5. Work and Travel in New Zealand

New Zealand is a stunning country which you might have seen in films like Lord of the Rings, well you can live and work here on a working holiday arranged through our website. There are lots of jobs available but we highly recommend spending time working in a hostel in a buzzing city like Queenstown where you will get to party and also live the adventure of your life by going skiing, bunji jumping, trekking or climbing glaciers. There are lots of casual and adventure jobs on offer all year round.



6. Horse Riding Instructor in South Africa

Did you know you can get paid to work in Africa? We work with various companies who offer structured and safe placements in South Africa where you can lead horse riding lessons to holiday makers and families in beautiful settings. South Africa is an appealing destination due to its wildlife and culture, you will get to experience life in the Rainbow Nation and in your spare time why not go on safari. Check our South Africa gap year ideas.



7. Voluntary Work Abroad

Spend time overseas working for free? That might not sound like a dream job but when you view our worldwide programs you will understand why we have included this on our list, from helping elephants in Thailand, working with children in Africa to building homes in Latin America you will be able to make a difference and enjoy an experience like no other. Spending time working as a volunteer in the developing world might not make you loads of money, but it will provide you with memories and an experience which will stay with you forever. 



8. Medical & Healthcare

Looking to work in healthcare? We have some fantastic opportunities and medical placements in the developing world where you can gain new skills, expand your horizon and give your resume a boost.



9. Summer Camp

Possibly the most fun job in the world, spend 9 weeks working at a summer camp meeting lifelong friends and having more laughs than you have ever had in your life. Programs like Camp America are well established and provide you with a great way to escape your hometown for summer and make all your friends and family jealous. Working at a camp is also one of the best ways to explore North America as you get free time during summer and also time afterwards to explore. Various companies offer this work and travel program and to apply you can view our USA Camp Jobs for more information.



Grad Jobs - Live In Positions

10. Live in Jobs

There are lots of live in jobs available which are really popular because it allows you to keep costs down while overseas. Popular options include au pair jobs and cruise ship jobs.



To view all positions we currently offer visit our gap year travel guide or if you have any questions about working abroad or if you need any advice about a company / job please e-mail us today. To keep up to date with latest working opportunities you might like to follow us on Twitter or join our facebook page.



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