Top Reasons You Should Take a Gap Year

Do you need some motivation to take a gap year abroad? Are you looking to encourage your family or friends into being more confident / let you go?

Whether you are thinking about delaying college/uni, finishing studies, considering taking a gap year after university or you just want to take time out there are so many reasons you should pack up and go overseas.

We have put together a list of our reasons why you should start planning a gap year...


1. Taking Time Out is Beneficial

Why take a gap year

Bored of your normal routine? Taking time from your life and having a break from studying / working will do you the world of good.


2. Meet New People

Reasons take a gap year

When overseas you will get to meet so many people both young and old including locals and international travellers from all over the globe. Make new friends is one of the best reasons to travel.


3. Do Something Different

A gap year doesn't have to be just sightseeing, you could choose to work abroad or join volunteering programs or participate on so many activities.


4. Gain work experience

You can develop new skills and gain personal growth on internship programs and jobs abroad. This can really help a future career and will look fantastic to employers.


5. Escape Your World

Live abroad independently and escape your hometown and country.


6. Experience New Cultures

Travel really does broaden the mind. You will learn so much which you can't do by watching tv or reading a book.


7. See New Countries

It really is better to see somewhere once rather than hearing about it a hundred times. Not many things compare to travelling.


8. Have a Lot of Fun

Life is about enjoying yourself when you are young, fit and healthy!


9. Make Everyone Jealous

All your friends and family jealous by seeing all of your pictures and wish they were away too.


10. Find a New Home

Reasons to Take a Gap Year

If you are unhappy where you live a gap year can really land you on your feet somewhere else. You might meet the love of your life, or fall in love with a destination and then stay!


11. Lifes Not All About Work

There is plenty of time for a career and full time employment that in the future.


12. Learn a New Skill

Gap Year Reasons to Take

Get a new hobby or learn a new language abroad - time overseas is the perfect time to develop as you have so much free time. We highly recommended gaining a PADI certification by scuba diving, learning Spanish or Portuguese.


13. Wake up on the Beach!

Travel to a destination like Thailand and you can live in a beach hut right on the ocean


14. Gain Life Skills

You will learn so much about yourself and also develop as a person.


15. Live Life Without Any Regrets

Sieze the opportunity to do something which your parents might never have got the chance to do!


Please contact us for specific information or check our gap year directory for inspiration for your big overseas adventure.


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