There are several reasons why people enrol on our online TEFL Diploma course including:

  • To enhance their development and knowledge as an EFL teacher
  • The potential to earn a higher income
  • The opportunity to obtain a more prestigious teaching position


TEFL Diploma Course Content

The course is divided into 12 separate modules as outlined below:

  • Module 1: Study Skills
  • Module 2: A Brief History of ELT
  • Module 3: Second Language Acquisition
  • Module 4: Course Design
  • Module 5: Discourse Analysis
  • Module 6: Material Design
  • Module 7: Phonology
  • Module 8: Assessment Methods
  • Module 9: Classroom Management
  • Module 10: Embedding Learning Technologies
  • Module 11: Continuing Professional Development
  • Module 12: Negotiated Research Project

With the exception of the last module, all modules require roughly 16 hours of study, adding up to 175 hours overall. The final module is a research-based thesis which generally requires about 75 hours to finish. Therefore, you should expect the course to take around 250 hours to complete.


TEFL Diploma Course Aims

Our advanced online TEFL Diploma course includes a wide variety of subjects, from material design to different learning theories, all of which are designed to give you a clearer understanding of your role as an EFL teacher. As you make your way through the course you should find that many of your existing skills gradually improve, such as your research skills and writing ability. The course should also help you to develop many other transferable skills that you will find useful both inside and outside of the classroom.


Diploma Course Assessment

With the diploma course you receive a task sheet with each module which you will use to monitor your own progress. Once you reach the end of the sixth module you will then download a test that covers all the information that has been covered up to that point in the course. After you successfully complete the test, you will then continue working through modules 7 to 11 which will also be followed by a test that covers those sections. To complete the course you will need to submit the research project as outlined in module 12.

Upon successful completion of the task sheets and the research project, you will receive your online TEFL Diploma certificate.


Tutor Support

Choosing the tutored option for the diploma course means you will have access to the support and assistance of an experienced online tutor for the duration of your studies. You will be able to contact your tutor at any time with any questions or problems you may have, and they will respond with helpful advice as quickly as possible. Your tutor for this course will be a highly qualified and experienced teacher trainer. They will have been a practicing EFL teacher and have at least ten years experience of classroom teaching and teacher training.


TEFL Diploma Course Pre-requisites

To enrol on this advanced level course you must:

  • Have completed a TEFL or equivalent certificate course
  • Be or have been a practicing teacher
  • Be able to finish all the course content and projects within one year


Post Course TEFL Job Guidance

Once you have completed your course, we pledge to provide you with all the reasonable services and assistance we can to help you secure a TEFL job. This includes the following:

  • Resume/CV preparation guidance
  • How to find TEFL employment vacancies
  • How to best apply for TEFL jobs
  • Interview preparation guidance
  • We will provide these services and more for the duration of your teaching career



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