We offer French courses all year round, from 1 to 48-week periods, and for all levels:

General French Course: 20 lessons / week (€150 / week)
Our general French course is based on a large range of activities such as role-plays, simulations, creative workshops and group work. Innovative tools and learning strategies are implemented in order to enhance skills outside the classroom.

Intensive French Course (€225 / week)
This course is a combination of the standard course and a reinforcement course which helps accelerate progress. You’ll learn French quickly as you’ll be having additional classes focusing on oral expression. Oral practice courses (role plays, debates…). are divided into 2 groups : A1-A2 and B1-B2.

Blended French Course: 25-30 lessons / week (€350 / week)
Combine the dynamism of a group class with individual lessons to get the most out of your experience. At your own pace, you will be able to go deeper into the topics covered in group lessons with your personal teacher.

French Course for Au Pairs / 10h / week
Learn and improve your French language skills through real life situations.

DELF/DALF Exam Preparation Course: 22,5 lessons / week (€174 / week)
This programme is made for those who’d like to Learn French in order to take the DELF / DALF © exam at the end of their General French course. Students will be attending our exam preparation workshop on top of their general French classes.

Long Term French Course: 30 lessons / week
This course is made for those who would like to learn French to obtain a level B2 in order to attend a French University or a higher education course. Newdeal Institut de Français will also give you the keys to succeed during your interview with the University and help you choose the right school for you.

Flexible French Course
For busy schedules, we have a selection of flexible courses to choose from.


Why Study With Us

Our school has been certified “Label Qualité FLE”, which guarantees quality French lessons and services. Our accommodation opportunities encourage exchanges and total immersion, so our students get a real taste of the French way of life.



Our French school is located in the quiet area in the centre of Bordeaux. Bordeaux and its surroundings have a lot to offer! Concerts, exhibitions, sports activities, a quick visit to the beach or the vineyards… There are reasons why Bordeaux has been elected European Best Destination 2015 and 2017 Best Destination by the Lonely Planet!