Our gap year students are inspired to join us for many different reasons: some are taking a break from a hectic career or start a new one, some seek adventure after graduating and before entering the professional world, some want to gain perspective before university, and some just want to see what life in Madrid is all about! Whatever your motivation, we get you. 

Almost all of our staff members have lived abroad for at least a year, allowing us to really understand what you’re looking for and why. It also allows us to guide you through the process of purchase and arrival (especially if you need a visa), as well as to provide support while you’re here. 

So why do a gap year in Madrid? Easy! Above all, a full year abroad will really let you dig into Spanish and start to achieve fluency, no matter your starting level. This can be a huge help professionally, and you can even take our DELE Exam Preparation courses and get your Spanish officially certified!

A year also provides the opportunity to travel around Europe (there are cheap, direct flights to all European capitals), discover hidden gems known only to the locals, and make long lasting connections to the Spanish capital. Many of our gap year students return to visit year after year… and some of them just stay!


Program Information

  • Classes Per Week: 20 group classes
  • Activities: 5 activities included, Monday - Friday, 5:10 - 6:50 pm (typically)
  • Class Size: Average 6, max. 8
  • Timetable: Monday - Friday, 9 am-12:50 pm or 1-4:50 pm
  • Start Dates: Every Monday
  • Class Duration: 50 min
  • Levels: All levels, from A1 to C2


Duration & Prices

From 170€ per week