Want to visit somewhere a little off the beaten track and less touristy than the usual hotspots?

We have come up with a short list of 10 different destinations to live and teach which although sightly unorthodox will be an amazing experience.


1. Israel

Experience ancient culture and history by applying to work in Israel. A lot of people apply to volunteer in Israel but many do not even realise you can teach here. There are jobs open all year round to internationals where you can live in places like Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.


2. Brazil 

When looking to teach in South America many people overlook Brazil. We highly recommend you consider this destination though, you can explore places like Rio De Janeiro and travel to see the breathtaking Foz de Iguazi Falls


3. South Africa 

Looking to teach and see incredible places in your spare time? Go teach in Africa and head to a spectacular city like Cape Town! In your spare time you can take a game drive in the Kruger National Park or a tour through the Garden route - incredible experiences. There are volunteer programs in South Africa where you can help communities and also paid teaching positions available.


4. Australia 

Teach English Down Under? Is that even possible? Yes! There are English language schools located throughout the country helping people learn and improve their English skills. Applying to work in Australia could be the bets experience of the your life! Highlights include traveling the East Coast & hanging out in the cool cities of Sydney and Melbourne.


5. USA 

Visit one of the worlds great cities in New York, rent a car and travel along Route 66, listen to live Jazz in Chicago or go skiing in Colorado. The options are endless if you apply to work in the United States! There is a demand for English teachers all year round at language schools throughout the country.


6. Malaysia 

If you are thinking about teaching English in South-East Asia the chances are you are looking at Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. But if you are looking for an alternative or somewhere a little less touristy choose Malaysia. Expect amazing beaches, jungles, modern cities and lots of trips available - one special one we highly recommend is going to volunteer with orangutans in Borneo.


7. Peru 

Peru is the ultimate destination for adventure seekers where you can trek the Inca trail to Machu Picchu, still one of the ultimate world travel trips.


8. Morocco

Morocco is a destination where you can sit on a beach or visit the desert on an adventure tour - why not stay here a little longer and work as a language teacher? Morocco has a booming tourist industry and local people are very keen to learn English to improve career prospects. It will certainly be a different experience than teaching English in Spain


9. Dominican Republic

You might not have ever thought about visiting this country located in the Caribbean, but the main reason it makes our list is you can learn to scuba dive here. There are great value packages are the warn Caribbean waters and incredible places you can visit nearby like Cuba and Mexico.


10. Hungary

Hungary is one of the most underrated countries to teach English in Europe. You can live and work in a city like Budapest which has some amazing sights like the outsoor hot pools as seen above!


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