Apply to Teach in Malaysia

Malaysia is a modern country with fantastic huge cities and also spectacular beaches. The Malaysian economy is one of the strongest in Southeast Asia and local people are enbracing learning English to enhance their careers and prospects. There is a need for native English speakers all year round. 

You will get to meet other international teachers from all over the world and also help local Malaysian people improve their skills. Malaysia is also less touristy than nearby destinations like Thailand meaning you will get an authentic experence where you can also make a lot of money teaching English


Why Teach in Malaysia

Here are some reasons why you should consider teaching in Malaysia:

  • Expect lush greenery and with blue sea and exotic sea beaches
  • Cities are interesting and there are lots of things to do
  • Many people work in the tourist industry and need to be able to speak English meaning there are year round jobs available


TEFL Courses in Malaysia

Beginner and intensive TEFL courses are available to join in Malaysia, you can find classroom and online courses which can be taken throughout the country. These courses equip you with the skills and techniques required for teaching English anywhere in the world. The TESOL course is an ideal gateway for those who want to build up a bright career in the ESL world and also want to discover the charming destinations in Malaysia which will help them redefine their idea towards life. There is a choice of different locations for doing the TEFL course in Malaysia, all destinations are unique in their own way. You might also like to view all of our TEFL courses in Asia.


Teach English in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is a shopper’s paradise, this city is the capital of Malaysia and has evolved into one of the biggest destinations for TEFL teachers . Endowed with several shopping malls, Kuala Lumpur has evolved as the major shopping destination in the world. You can join TEFL courses here or choose to stay and work, this option has grown in popularity due to these reasons.

This ultra modern city, having a perfect balance of cultural insignias and western high rises captivates everyone’s heart. There are lots of temples and shrines and on the other hand it is modern bustling city with all western amenities and facilities. This cosmopolitan atmosphere of Kuala Lumpur and the capacity of embrace people from every community make it an ideal TEFL location in Mayalsia.



Most employers will require you to have a BA/BS degree and a TEFL or TESOL Certification. You will stand a better chance of gaining employment if you have experience. People from all around the world apply to teach in Malaysia every year, we find most people come from the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada and USA.


Hiring Process

You will usually need to have a interview over the phone, skype or in person.


Working Week

Usually you will teach in a classroom for around 20–25 hours per week.


Types of Students

  • Business professionals
  • Children and youngsters in public schools 
  • Students of all ages at private language schools


Peak Hiring Times

The best time to gain a job is generally January to December but there are positions available to apply for all year round


How to Get a Teaching Job in Malaysia

  • Learn some local words and phrases
  • Make as many contacts as possible in country
  • Research all language school thoroughly
  • Join a free volunteer program in Malaysia if you have no previous teaching experience


Salary for Teaching in Malaysia

The monthly salary you will be paid can vary by which school employs you and where you work. When starting our you are best taking ay job just to get experience but don't expect wages to be high, sometimes around GBP£250 (US$500) per month. It does really depend on your employer though because some jobs are very well paid, you can earn around GBP£1800 (US$2500) per month. You will usually need to arrange your flights and accommodation, very few local employers will pay for this but they will be able to provide assistance in helping you find somewhere to live.


Cost of Living

When first starting out it can be difficult to save money but if you cut back on big expensives and get a good salary you should be able to save money. Malaysia is a cheap destination compared to Thailand but more expensive to live as a teacher compared to places like Cambodia, Indonesia and Vietnam. It depends on where you are living to how much your costs are. Accommodation, food and transport are more expensive in Kuala Lumpur than other cities and locations in the country. You can expect to have monthly outgoings of around £400 (US$700) (2,000 MRY)