Work as an English Teacher in Cuba

Thinking about going to teach English in Central America? Cuba is a very exotic and exciting destination to teach English and there has never been a better time to start planning a break.

Expect a vibrant country where you will see classical buildings and vintage American cars which are iconicly Cuban. Living and working here as a TEFL teacher will allow you to immerse yourself in the culture and enjoy an experience life no other.


TEFL Courses in Cuba 

If you would like to take a TEFL course in Cuba you can book an online course which are flexible and allow you to the freedom to study anywhere in the country. You might also like to view our classroom TEFL courses in Central America.


TEFL Jobs in Cuba

The US government has recently announced that US citizens looking to visit Cuba for educational, cultural and tourism reasons do no longer need to get permission or apply for a visa. You can also fly direct on US airlines. This has opened up new doors to a new market of US teachers, it's best to get here before the crowds arrive.



We find UK and Canadian citizens are the most common nationalities to enquire about teaching in Canada, although all people are welcome to apply as long as you are eligible for a visa.


Popular Places to Teach

Most positions can be found in the larger cities like Havana.


Salary for Teaching in Cuba

There are language schools throughout the country which hire international teachers and it is possible to find paid teaching work in Cuba but don't expect to be paid a fortune. Most placements are unpaid and have a focus on educating the local population or helping disadvantaged communities. Sometimes you might also be required to make a donation or pay a fee to join.


What to Do in Your Spare Time

Make new friends, learn Spanish, go in search of the best beach, relax.


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