A Guide to Volunteering in Israel

Community Volunteer Programs in Israel

Volunteering in Israel is a chance to experience a different culture and really make a difference whilst also getting to see spectacular sights in your spare time. You do not need to be religious to apply, and all Nationalities and faiths can apply. You will need to be eligible for a tourist visa to volunteer here, if you are from the UK or USA you shouldn't have any problems.

Israel is one of the best places to volunteer in the Middle East, this destination is especially popular with US students and graduates. You will need to get your application in early to get a space as during some periods programs get booked up quickly. Most people in Israel speak English and so travelling here is a lot easier than you might expect, learning a few Hebrew phrases or words will come in useful though and enhance the cultural exchange.

Take the amazing opportunity to make a difference and experience living in this fascinating part of the world which is very different to what you might see on the news. Search projects and apply today.


Community & Humanitarian Volunteer Projects in Israel

Community projects are an incredible opportunity to spend time working with local people and immerse yourself in the culture of the Middle East. There are a wide selection of inspiring programs in Israel where you can help assist community projects to children and help build bridges between Israeli and Palestinian youngsters.

You will have the unique opportunity, unlike many other volunteering projects, to influence and develop the new generation of Israeli and Palestinian citizens. There are also projects to volunteer in Palestine helping with refugees and working with elderly and disadvantaged people.  There are community centres based in the multicultural town of Mughar and also an annual summer camp for Druze, Christian and Muslim children where you can teach coexistence, arts, sports and ecology in English.

Volunteer teaching programs and internships in Israel are also popular, you can work alongside local staff and other international volunteers by improving the lives of children and local people. you could pitch in helping local day care centres for local children too. On youth and educational projects you can help lead fun lessons and educate local children in Israel who will love to have you there. 


Volunteer with Animals in Israel

Wildlife and Conservation Volunteer Projects in Israel

Conservation programs in Israel are suitable for people considering the opportunity to do something rewarding, you must be keen to make a difference as well as help out with different aspects. Some programs are located in Jerusalem and in more rural areas where you can help preserve Israel's natural habitat on eco preservation initiatives. You could also take part in Kibbutz voluntary projects which are usually located at rural agricultural settlements in Israel. There is a need for wildlife enthusiasts who have a passion for caring for animals, you can work and help local vets and help rescue and rehabilitate wildlife in desert areas.

Volunteers who have an interest in working outdoors with endangered species will be ideally suited to the Desert Wildlife Reserve project. The project is based in the picturesque Arava Valley in southern Israel. This area is one of the least populated in the whole country, and is also home to nomadic desert people. The landscape includes a variety of desert habitats including sand dunes, an Acacia forest, and a salt marsh. The mission of Wildlife Reserve is to establish reproduction groups for populations of endangered desert animals and different wild animals that are disappearing from the area. Volunteers join the Wildlife reserve staff to take part in conservation activities and caring for the animals.

The duties of the volunteers include the following:

  • Preparing food and feeding animals
  • Cleaning and maintaining reserve facilities
  • Observations and data collection
  • Accompanying & assisting park rangers
  • Constructing enrichment facilities

It's important that volunteers note some tasks are subject to change due to the nature of the reserve. The Wildlife Reserve project requires a minimum time commitment of 4 weeks.


Jewish Educational Cultural Exchanges

In Israel you can find local organisations which offer enriching and education programs which have been designed for young Jewish students to join following graduation. There are short and long term experiences available, some placs last a couple of weeks whilst others you can join for one year and over. These programs mix academic study programs in Israel with cultural excursions, community service, leadership development and also experience where you can improve your Hebrew or knowledge on the history and tradition of the country.

These programs are open to all backgrounds and Nationalities but you will need to be of the Jewish faith. Thousands of people join every year, usually from the USA but also a number of other worldwide countries.Most programs are open to all religions so don't be put off if you are not Jewish. There are through learning and cultural exchanges specifically designed for young Jewish people to join where you will get to see the country, get educated and have a really fun experience.

"When I got back to Ireland I was met with universal gasps of: 'You went WHERE?' and 'You did WHAT? Okay, these days everybody goes to Australia, Thailand or even Vietnam but nobody goes to Israel and does a volunteer week or two. I volunteering with Sar-El and had a fantastic time." - B. Haran, Ireland


Summer Volunteer Programs in Israel

Israel Free Volunteer Programs

Looking for a way to spend your summer giving back? Why not consider volunteering in an exciting multicultural summer camp, based in Maghar, Northern Israel? Maghar is a vibrant village overlooking the Sea of Galilee in Northern Israel. This placement is for two weeks and is organised by the Israel Association of Community Centres, who aim to advance the quality of life of people in multicultural communities like Maghar.

Projects commence in July and it is a fantastic opportunity for people to experience the unique cultural diversity of the Maghar region and Northern Israel. You will be given the opportunity to work with the Community Centre and assist with its annual summer camp for Druze, Christian and Muslim children. The camp aims to teach children about coexistence, arts, sports and ecology (in English). Volunteers at the camp work for around 7 hrs per day.

Activities include the following:

  • Taking children out on a variety of different day trips
  • Organising the day-to-day activities for the students
  • Setting up and conducting workshops


How to Apply

To apply to volunteer in Israel a lot of organisations require you to be aged 18 and over and in good health. There are specific programs for families and also during summer there are also trips for 16 and 17 year olds.

You can join every month throughout the year and if you will get a structured experience including:

  • Placements
  • Airport Transfers
  • Orientation and walking tours
  • Accommodation
  • Food (2-3 times per day)
  • Optional Insurance at a nominal extra cost
  • Pre-departure information and travel assistance
  • 24 hour in-country support

To join a program you will also need to be eligible for an Israeli tourist visa. Placements can be booked online through out website and you can apply today or enquire for more information.