Places to Work Abroad if you want a Culture Shock

Places to Work Abroad if you want a Culture Shock

Interested to escape your country and work in a new destination? Looking to go something totally different to what you might be used to? Check out our list of places to consider working abroad if you want a culture shock.



1. Japan

Keen on the idea of going to work in Asia? Never visited the far east before? Consider going to work in Japan! This destination is incredible with cutting edge modern technology, temples, culture, high tech restaurants and amazing cities.vTo improve integration you could book a course at a Japanese language course in Japan.


2. Russia

When looking to work abroad most people completely overlook Russia due to issues with the language barrier and visa. But wages for some industries are high and cities like Moscow (as seen in the picture above) and St Petersburg are modern and international. There are also lots of short term seasonal jobs in Russia available durring summer for international students.


3. China

China offers one of the biggest culture shocks in the world even if you plan to work in one of the larger cities like Baijing, Hong Kong or Shanghai. Working in China wil be a challenge but also the chance to experience somewhere totally different. Some international and local agencies offer internships in China to English speakers which can help you get a foot in the door of a company and you don't know Mandarin. Another popular option is to teach English in China as there are international and language schools located througout the country which hire staff all year round.


4. Mexico

Is it even possible to work in Mexico? Yes! Thousands of foreigners work in the country every year to enjoy the sights, sounds and culture of this popular destination. Although touristy Mexico still offers a culture shock especially if you are visiting from the USA or Europe. A popular option is to teach English in Mexico as many local people are keen to learn or improve their language skills to boost employment opportunities. You could also book a Spanish language course in Mexico to help with integration into the local culture.


5. Dubai

Interested in living and working in the Middle East? Always dreamed of visiting Dubai? Wages for teaching English in Dubai are some of the highest in the world and living here is likely to be different to anything you have experienced before.


6. Thailand

Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia with millions of international visitors arriving annually but if you are arriving from a Western country then you will still find Thailand very different to where you have been before. When working in Thailand everything from the sounds, temples, language and culture will be different. If you would like to sample the country for yourself you could apply to teach English in Thailand - this is an amazing journey, an adventure and most definitely a life-changing experience! Volunteer programs in Thailand are also popular if you are keen to help wildlife.


7. Africa

Looking for a life changing experience? Apply to volunteer in Africa! There are so many rewarding volunteering programs available where you can help people, wildlife and the environment. If you are looking for paid jobs in Africa we recommend going to work in South Africa where there are lots of seasonall and summer positions available. You can also find tefl courses in South Africa and then find work down the educational route.


8. Miami

A US city making our list of places for a culture shock? Yes. Well if you are keen to work in the USA and would like to experience a different kind of culture Miami is your places to go. You will be surprised by the fact most people here speak Spanish due to the large influx of people from Latin America over the past few decades. Throw in the extremely hot weather this city really is different to anywhere else in the United States.


9. Czech Republic

Looking to work in Europe and experience a different country/culture. Head to the East and apply to work in the Czech Republic. You will find the language a challenge, but the country is very peaceful and has a good quality of life. Most foreigners find positions in the larger cities like Prague which is a fantastic cultured city. This country also has a really low cost of living which makes it more appealing. Some foreigners take TEFL courses in the Czech Republic then work as foreign language teachers.


10. Vietnam

Vietnam is a facsinating destination with bustling cities and spectacular coastal towns. Going to teach English in Vietnam is extremely popular with foreigners and you can find jobs in places like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. This is possibly the best way to gain paid employment in the country as most other opportunities advertised are unpaid volunteer programs in Vietnam.


11. South Korea

South Korea offers one of the biggest culture shocks in the world especially to Westerners. The language is complex and difficult to understand whilst the food can be a bit of a shock to the system. This is not to say that when working in South Korea you won't have a good time, quite the contary, most people love this experience. Like many of the other destinations on our list applying to teach English in South Korea is an amazing way to get paid to live in the country.


12. Israel

Going to work in Israel will provide you with an incredible experience, you will get to soak up the history and culture of this amazing destination. Whilst Tel Aviv offers a modern, vibrant, youthful atmopshere if you go and work in other locations like Jerusalem you will be transported to an ancient time in a city which mixes new and old with some of the most important religibous sites in the world. There are lots of cultural exchange programs and internships in Israel which are very popular with international students especially US students. If you are lacking experience then applying to volunteer in Israel is recommended.



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