A Guide to Working in Australia

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One World 365 is one of the best recruitment websites for backpackers and travellers seeking casual, part time and full time work in Australia. Our directory has lots of new jobs every month from top rated local and international recruiters who hire staff for a number of different industries. From working holiday visas, temporary, professional and seasonal positions like fruit picking, harvest, farm work to au pair jobs.


Working Holiday Visas 

In order to work while in Australia you will need a specific type of visa. The most likely visa option that you will go with is a working holiday visa. This type of visa is available to those aged between 18 and 30 and allows the holder to live and work in Australia for a period of up to 12 months.

It’s important to understand that the working holiday visa was not intended as a route to permanent migration in Australia, but instead designed for people who want to supplement the cost of their holiday through work.

A working holiday visa enables you to enter Australia within 12 months of the visa’s start date, and stay in the country for up a year. While the visa is valid, you are allowed to enter and exit Australia as many times are you like. Another important rule to remember is that while you are allowed to stay for up to a year, you can only work with an employer for up to six months, after which you have to change jobs.

That said, you can apply for a second working holiday visa, which will allow you to reside in the country for a further 12 months but you will only be able to work in Australia for a further six months. To be eligible for this type of visa you may be asked to undergo certain health checks.

Also in regards to your health it is recommended, to purchase travel insurance as this visa will not entitle you to Australia’s national health care; this means that if you do need treatment it can be very expensive. Another prerequisite of being accepted for this visa is that you can demonstrate that you have enough money to support yourself, at least for the initial part of your holiday.

When entering Australia you must also be able to prove that you have a return or onward ticket or the necessary funds to leave the country. Interestingly, a recent addition to the visa process is the Australian Values Statement. This is something that you will have to sign and essentially means that you are declaring that you will respect the Australian way of life and obey the laws of the land.

To apply for a working holiday visa, you must be outside Australia; you can’t lodge an application while already travelling in the country. This means that when you are planning your trip it is very important not to book any flights or accommodation until your visa has been accepted. As mentioned above, it is possible to get a second working holiday visa if you want to stay in one job for longer than six months. In this your application can be made when you are either in or outside of Australia.

The only important thing to note is that if you make your application for a second visa while outside Australia you have to be outside when it is accepted. Similarly, should you lodge your visa application while in Australia you must be in the country when it is granted. When applying for a second working holiday visa, remember that you must complete your application well in advance of your first visa’s expiry date, as if your first visa ends before your second is granted you may be liable for deportation.

It is also worth remembering that each working holiday visa is linked to a specific passport. Therefore, if you change your passport for any reason after you have been granted a visa but before you visit Australia, you will need to contact the Department of Immigration and Citizenship. Otherwise, you will probably be subject to severe delays at the airport and may even be refused permission to board your plane.

As a guide, an application for a first working holiday visa will take around six days, while one for a second working visa will take around 21. Working holiday visas also cover study for up to four months.

If you would like to study in Australia at the same institution for longer than this period then it is possible to do this by applying for a second working holiday visa, as discussed above. Following these steps and securing a working holiday visa before travelling will mean that you are able to fully enjoy your time in this country. 


Best Jobs

There are lots of jobs in different industries, popular areas include working in hospitality, bars, cleaning and in hotels as a receptionist. In cities you could work in hotels, hostels or in office environments.

By working on a farm or on a vineyard you could find yourself picking fruit or helping at a ranch with cattle. If you apply with a sending agency / travel company they will be able to provide job hunting assistance or you can just apply independently and seeking employment in advance or on arrival. 

Popular jobs include farm and vinyard work whilst bar jobs and hospitality work can be found in most towns and cities. Applying for au-pair jobs in Australia is popular, there are lots of agencies and childcare providers who offer summer and year round positions throughout Australia. You will need previous experience and have to have references for this type of work which is a great way to get free accommodation and earn money. 

If you might be thinking what type of work you could do there really is a lot of choice and we have put together some useful list of our recommended jobs which would be best to apply for...

  • Hotels: Tourism is huge in Australia and you can find a range of jobs as a receptionist, cleaner, as bar staff, in catering and more.
  • Hostels: This is a great way to meet new people and popular with people on a gap year in Australia. Some hostels offer free accommodation in return for voluntary work too.
  • Vinyard / Fruit Picking: Sometimes these jobs can be in spectacular locations and wages can be average depending on the company. This can be hard work in hot conditions but its a great way to to experience a new way of life and really get to know other backpackers.
  • Farm Jobs: This might be something totally different but everyone can apply, you can set up a placement before arriving in Australia too.
  • Hospitality: If you have any previous experience you could apply to work as a waiter or waitress.
  • Fast Food Outlets: This might be something you haven't thought about but if you have a few months to spare consider working at a outlet like Subway.
  • Bar Work: Backpacker bars and normal Aussie bars hire international staff all year round, these jobs can be long hours but a lot of fun!
  • Travel & Tourism: Lots of places hire staff to work as booking agents to help get new people to join tours and excursions for example in places like Cairns.
  • Voluntary Work: Although generally unpaid, apply to volunteer in Australia can be a really rewarding experience.


Popular Places to Seek Employment

Australian Capital Territory

New South Wales

Northern Territory 


South Australia



Western Australia


Jobs for UK Citizens in Australia

If you’re planning to take time out, are keen on a gap year in Australia, thinking about a a new career overseas or would just like to experience living abroad, applying to work Down Under can be an incredible experience.

You could start a new career, meet new professional contacts or just fund travels on a working holiday visa. There are also options for professional workers too, thousands of British doctors, nurses, IT professionals and trades people have moved here in the last decade and it is easy to see why with the higher salaries, better weather and outdoor lifestyle.


Jobs for Americans in Australia

If you are a USA citizen aged 18-30 you can apply for a 462 visa which can be completed online. You will need to fill out detailed information and demonstrate you have sifficient funds to sustain your stay ($AUD5000 which is around US$4000). This is the amount the Australian government says you will need, but they do not always make checks. If you are accepted and get the visa, you will be able to work in Australia for up to 12 months. The cost of applying for the visa is $AU365 (approx US$300).


How to Apply

You can search vacancies today, find out more information or reserve your place. Apply well in advance is highly recommended so you secure a spot for the dates you are interested in. If you are still researching opportunities you might like to view our guide to working holidays in New Zealand. Or if you are lacking work experience then internships in Australia will appeal to you. 



Working holidays Australia

Planning a working holiday Down Under? Here are some important things to know before you go.

Setting up a Bank Account
There are a few different banks to choose from such as NAB, Commonwealth and Westpac. They all offer similar services so go with whichever is most convenient. When setting up an account, you will need to give them a secure address where they can post your card to. It’s fine to post it to your hostel but you can also have it sent to the bank where you can collect it in a couple of days.

Applying for a TFN
To work in Australia you need a Tax File Number. It’s really simple to apply online but you do need an address where it will be sent to. Again, it’s fine to have it sent to your hostel or hotel. It’s essential to have a TFN to ensure you are taxed properly and not ripped off by your employer. It also means you can claim all your tax back when you leave.

Getting a Mobile Phone
In order to get in touch with your potential employers you will need a mobile phone. If you’re bringing a phone from home then make sure you get an eSim or an Australian sim card.

How to Find a Job
Our website is a great resource because we have a huge variety of companies and jobs advertised. If you are looking for casual work, such as labouring, promotions, sales or bar and restaurant work, then hostel notice boards are a great place to find them. Word of mouth is how many backpackers find their jobs so hang out in your hostel and try to chat to as many people as possible. Hostel staff often have the insider information on jobs as they’re the first to hear who is leaving, so pick their brains and make sure they have your number.

You’ve spent the last few months chilling out in shorts and flip flops but, unfortunately, the hobo look isn’t going to get you a job, so it’s time to scrub up. There are plenty of cheap stores in Australia where you will find some smart clothes and shoes. You won’t need a designer suit but you have to look presentable and never wear sandals or flip flops to an interview.

One of the benefits of living and working in Australia is the free time and trips you can do in your free time. From seeing world famous cities like Sydney to exploring the Outback, or seeing the breathtaking Great Barrier Reef! Booking Australia backpacker tours is recommended to see as much as possible.