Popular Destinations to Study English

Learn English abroad

You can find schools and instituitions offering English language courses all over the world. If you are an overseas student these are some of the top places countries to choose:


A Guide to Studying English Overseas

By going to study abroad you will be able to improve all aspects of your English language skills including speaking, listening, pronunciation, vocabulary, reading, writing and grammar. If you looking to pass a Cambridge English or IELTS exam for work, study or immigration there are various English courses avilable which will help you prepare and pass these exams.

English has become the universal language for business, science and international travel. Every industry that interacts globally is looking to hire employees who are able to speak English. Travelers around the world who speak separate languages are able to communicate through the common language of English. It is a means for universal interaction and learning English creates many opportunities.

By booking a classroom course you will get a structured learning experience mixing academic classes with cultural excursions and fun activities. Whether you are a complete beginner, or already know the basics you will be able to find a course to match your interests. 


Types of Courses Available 

There are lots of different English classes available for students who want to learn English in the summer or throughout the year, courses include:

  • Intensive + super intensive English courses
  • Part time English courses
  • English for adults, seniors and juniors
  • English for professionals
  • English exam preparation
  • English courses plus activities
  • Group courses
  • Gap year courses
  • A-level revision
  • Language camps and courses for teenagers
  • Business courses
  • Over 50s courses
  • Language + activity combo courses
  • Summer & christmas courses
  • IELTS preparation courses



There are English courses for all ages and abilities, some companies specialize in courses for kids, teenagers but most courses are specifically for adults.

  • Beginner courses
  • Intermediate courses
  • Advanced courses



You can join a English language course all year round or during specific times of the year like summer, winter, Christmas and New Year. There are short and long term courses which can be join in the morning, afternoon, evenings or weekends. These can fit around a holiday or more extensive stay in the country. Courses can be joined part-time, full time or flexible at your own time online.


Online English Courses

Several companies offer English language courses online, these can be a flexible way to learn English at your own pace.


English Language School Reviews

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