Work as a Yoga Instructor Overseas

Have a passion for yoga? Keen to transfer this into a career? Why not consider applying to work as a yoga teacher! There are yoga retreats all around the world which need staff and there are so many benefits for applying. You will get to do something fun/healthy, meet likeminded people, get paid and usually get to live/work in a relaxing environment. This certainly beats the mundane normal 9-5 job.


Popular Places to Work

Where you go really comes down to the recruiter, opportunity and your own personal preference. There are yoga schools worldwide who hire staff and popular places to work include Spain, Ibiza, Bali, Costa Rica, Morocco, India and Thailand just to name a few.



You will need previous experience and a passion for yoga, health and wellbeing. You can contact companies and yoga retreat direct to check for vacancies. For a lot of jobs abroad they will be able to help with visa.


If you are looking to recruit yoga teachers please contact us to get listed here.