A Guide to Working on Farms Abroad

There are jobs for experienced professionals and also placements for non-skilled people so don't worry if you have never done kind of work like this before as full training will be provided on arrival. There are paid jobs and also volunteer opportunities on organic farms, popular programs include wwooff (wiling workers on organic farms) whilst if you are looking for a totally different experience you can apply to work on a farm or cattle ranch in the Australian Outback. 

There are jobs for everyone even if you are not strong or have certain skills to work on a farm. You will be provided with full training and support, whilst if you have never done anything like this before don't worry. No previous farm experience is required for some of our featured positons but some skills are desired like tractor / horse riding experience. You will also need to be abl to work independently and/or in a team and be prepared some working hard long days with early starts. Farm work is no holiday! 

There are lots of roles available including fruit picking, working with cattle, horse riding, riding vehichles, working on general maintenance or helping out inside the farm house cooking and cleaning. We get a lot of enquiries for people seeking farm work with animals and usually on farms you will get hands on roles with horses, cattle, dogs and other animals. You will gain lots of new skills whilst on the job and experienced staff will be on hand to guide you.

For skilled positions some farms will want people with experience include:

  • extensive farm experience with modern machinery
  • be mechanically inclined
  • must be willing to work long hours when necessary
  • a valid driver's license is required and a Class 1A driver's license is an asset.

Most nationalities are welcome to apply as long as you are eligible for a visa.


Agriculture & Fruit Picking Jobs Abroad

Looking to work abroad? Popular destinations for fruit picking jobs include Australia and New Zealand.


Work on Organic Farms

There is also the option to get farm work experience at organic farms. This is a great way to experience something different, there are farms in Europe and around the world who hire voluntary workers but in exchange you will be provided with meals and accommodation - perfect if you are on a gap year or looking to travel on a budget.



Wages can vary depending on the employer and position. Usually accommodation and meals are included due to the remote location of farms.


What to Expect

Farm and agricultural work is often outdoors, in rural areas and while the work can be hard and physically demanding you can earn cash quickly while having a enjoyable experience in good company. This is an amazing opportunity to see a different side to a country where you will get to live in some remote spectacular places working on farms and in vinyards earning money to fund your travels. 

You will meet new people, gain new skills and get to experience living in a new country meeting new friends. This is a great way to gain work experience abroad and something totally fun / different to anything you might of done before. Some days might be hard work though so please don't expect an easy ride, its important you stay positive and cheerful during a working holiday in the outback, its not good to have someone who moans as it can bring down moral. You will learn a lot on these placements and it will feel like a real achievement when you complete a contract. 


Farm Work in Europe

You can find various seasonal jobs in Europe on farm, these are usually the most popular destinations: 


Farm Work in the UK

The UK is a really popular destination for overseas workers seeking farm employment. There are farms located throughout the country especially in rural areas like Shropshire. During the summer season - June to September there are harvest, picking and agriculture jobs available where you can pick strawberries, apples, hops and other fruits.

If you are looking for farm work there is availability all year round, some farms offer live in positions with free board and meals but wages can be low. Factories also employ foreign staff in production jobs processing foods and other products, this type of work can provide high wages but the hours can be long or overnight which is tiring.

For manual harvesting work (fruit picking) you do not need to have experience, but you should understand that this is physically demanding work and involves bending and lifting. You will be expected to pick to targets to maintain your employment. We would advise you not to apply if you have recently suffered an accident or sporting injury resulting in weakness of your limbs, as you will be required to carry loads of over 10 kg for up to 200 metres. 

Harvesting usually operates daily and the number of hours offered per day is variable. The farm often starts work early in the morning to avoid picking in the midday heat. Because of weather conditions which dictate the abundance, duration and time of harvest, there can be no assurance or guarantee of work at any particular time, so it is essential to bring a return ticket with you. Harvesting dates are only approximate and in some years the picking may vary by 2 –3 weeks depending on the weather.

Picking fruit is based on piece rates. Your pay depends on the weight of the fruit that you harvest,  and is in accordance with the National minimum wage legislation. The more you pick the more you earn. A picker can earn anything between £250—£300 a week depending on how good a picker is. (this is a guide only). Your pay will be subject to UK Tax and National Insurance Contributions (NIC) legislation just like any other worker in the UK. You may be able to reclaim some of the tax back that you have paid when you leave the country. Search seasonal work in the United Kingdom.


Farm Work, Picking & Agriculture Jobs in France

You could go to a region like the Loire and Rhone Valleys where there are seasonal fruit picking and agriculture jobs available. These positions can be a great way to live like a local in a rural location. There are small and large farms which hire migrant workers, backpackers and international staff - sometimes competitive salaries are offered as well as free food and accommodation.

Some farms don't offer contracts and your salary is usually paid weekly, you will need to check how reliable the employer is by speaking to other staff or reading reviews on the internet. There have been stories where workers have been paid less than expected and also forced to work longer hours so beware of this. To apply to work in France some positions you will need to be in good physical shape and be willing to work in the great outdoors. When on farm and picking seasonal-jobs-working-holidays sometimes days can be long and the work hard.


Farm Work in Ireland

Ireland is a beautiful country and there are hundreds of farms located here. Search seasonal jobs in Ireland.


Agriculture, Farm & Fruit Picking Jobs in Italy

You can gain employment working at farms and in vineyards in Italy, Some people head to the beautiful Emilia Romagna region where in June you can pick strawberries and later in summer (usually around August) in Alto Adige and Valtellina you can get a paid position picking apples. You could also pick grapes in locations near Turin, Piemonte and again Alto Adige around September time. Harevest seasonal work can be difficult to get, you might want to search online or apply locally. Search seasonal jobs in Italy.


Agriculture, Farm and Picking Jobs in Spain

If you are looking for something a bit different in the Andalucia region of Spain you could find paid agriculture work, fruit picking seasonal-jobs-working-holidays and farm work.  Finding employment in Spain during winter is possible, but can be difficult mainly due to this being off season with tourism. You can register online or seek employment locally but please note these seasonal-jobs-working-holidays can be hard labour and low wages. Some farms offer free accommodation and meals. Find seasonal jobs in Spain.


Agriculture, Picking & Farm Work in Switzerland

During summer you could apply for agriculture, harvest and fruit picking jobs in spectacular locations like the Upper Rhone Valley, Valais and Bern. These jobs generally go to migrant workers, backpackers and students who are seeking to experience a new way of life or fund further travels. Part time workers are need during harvest season, you can enquire in advance or just turn up and ask direct. 

Most contracts, if you are lucky to get one are short as many employers pay cash in hand. Wages can be lower than other industries in the country but most farms offer accommodation and meals for free which is an added bonus. Please note you might be required to work outdoors in hot/sunny conditions and these seasonal-jobs-working-holidays do require manual labour. Search seasonal jobs in Switzerland.


Farm & Outback Work in Australia

On our website you can search companies who offer paid packages in places like the Australian outback, these are fantastic opportunities which will pay you a salary and then give you the funds to travel and see more of this country. Usually backpackers and people on working holiday visas apply for these jobs which are available all year round. 

No previous experience is needed and you can apply today and select your departure date. Please research these jobs before applying, they are not for everyone and sometimes you might be working in hot and humid conditions with long days and feel quite issolated. There is also has a very hot climate and if you are not used to the heat these types of work and travel programs might not be for you. 

Some positions can be hard work, manual labour is required and you might be working outside under the sun. Working in the Aussie Outback can be really fun though, full training will be provided and its a great bonding experience as you will be living and working alongside local Australian staff and other international backpackers.

With some positions you might be working with cattle, riding horses, medning fences, cleaning enclosures so it's important that you have good farm boots for working. Wages can vary depending on the job / area but compared to other countries around the world they are high. Apply for holidays in Australia.


Farm Work in New Zealand

New Zealand is a small country but farming is a big part of the economy. You can find jobs and fruit picking jobs in both the North and South islands. The farm and picking industry employ thousands of people every year in New Zealand, usually international staff are hired and short term flexible positions are offered. People are needed to help with the harvest of crops and fruit and there are opportunities all year round. 

Farming is a big industry in New Zealand and lots of farms throughout the country take temporary workers for harvests and also to help out with livestock and the land. You could be sheering sheep, picking fruit or helping out in maintenance. If you have horse riding experience you might be able to work on horses rounding up animals like sheep, or if you have ever lived on a farm or have this type of experience there will be lots of roles like driving tractors. Some skills are more in demand than others but you are sure to find a job for you even if you are lacking in experience.This will be a totally new experience. 

Jobs can be physically demanding and hard work, please research all positions before applying for working holiday jobs in New Zealand. When working with animals in the outback you might be responsible for rounding up cattle, creating enclosures and feeding the animals. On farms you might need to help with general maintenance like building fencing or making trails. Apply well in advance of December to May, also usually no previous skills or experience is required and you will be shown what to do on arrival. Wages can be low but you usually get food and accommodation provided for free.

Places and Times of Year for Harvest / Farm Work in New Zealand

  • Auckland - Jan > June
  • Bay Of Plenty - All Year
  • Canterbury - Dec > May
  • Gisborne - Nov > May
  • Hawke's Bay - Nov > July 
  • Marlborough - Dec > May
  • Nelson - Dec > May
  • Northland - All Year
  • Otago - Dec > May
  • Waikato - Jan > May


Farm Work in Canada

Canada is a spectacular country and we have featured farms who are hiring workers for the harvest season. This might be something totally new / different but could be appealing. You could work on a cattle farm in summer rounding up and dealing with the animals or helping with vital seasonal-jobs-working-holidays such as fencing and then combine this with a different job in winter. Farms recruit general labourers and equipment handlers all year round. You will need previous experience for these roles, be in good health and be open to working in remote regions of the country. Search seasonal work in Canada.


Farm Jobs in the USA

The USA is a popular destination to work. Search work in the United States.


Farm Work in South Africa

We have some fantastic positions where you can work on farms throughout South Africa. Search working holidays in South Africa.