Apply to Work a Ski Season Abroad

A season in the snow? If you're reading this, you're already tempted by the idea of doing a ski season. Maybe you're thinking of a gap year after uni, or a sabbatical from the office? Well let us tempt you some more... Imagine the commute to work - strolling to your chalet surrounded by dusky pink skies and snow... then imagine skiing, just half an hour after you've finished work. Now that's what we call a work-life balance.

You will work harder than you have ever worked. You will learn to love early mornings. You will discover the true meaning of the words organisation, customer service and initiative. Whilst skiing is important there is so much more to a season: You will meet different guests each week, your fellow season workers will be like minded people, and are likely to become life-long friends.

Companies consider each applicant individually and match you to a specific resort and property, so you know exactly where you are heading from the start. Many companies will only confirm your resort at the very last minute - we value and respect you more than that. As well as this, you will receive a competitive package, excellent training and a renowned support structure from recruitment stage through to the end of season.

The companies we promote have a truly fantastic reputation in the ski industry for looking after its staff, a fact proven by a high staff return rate: last year 98% of staff said they would work for one of our top recruiters again - a tough stat to match! You benefit from the unique experience of working for an experienced, independent company that offers great opportunities in over 21 top European, North American and worldwide ski resorts.

If you have a passion for skiing, snowboarding or winter sports working at a ski resort in the Alps or Rocky mountains can be a great way to fund a season on the slopes. Jobs in places like the Alps are very popular roles can include instructing ski lessons, assisting on ski slopes, lift operators, slope patrols and resort staff. 


Popular Places to Seek Winter Ski Jobs

There are several high-profile ski destinations in continents across the world and you may be left wondering which amazing resort to choose. France, Switzerland, Austria and Canada are popular choices for seasonal workers; they have established resorts with excellent reputations and the images published on the Internet, in travel magazines and on television are extremely tempting; who could resist glistening slopes, perfectly clear mountain air, beautiful ski chalets and also getting paid! Here ae some of the top destinations:

North America






Types of Positions

There are lots of different seasonal jobs available abroad, positions can include chalet staff, cooks, cleaners, lift operators, slope patrols and general resort staff. If you don’t fancy spending your days teaching others to ski, there are other options. One popular choice is to work as a chalet host who are in charge of the daily running of the chalet and ensuring that guests have everything they need to enjoy their holiday. The work may not seem all that exciting but on your days off, all you have to do is roll out of bed, step out of the door, breathe in the crystal clear air and hit the slopes. By night, many of the resorts come alive and you can party as hard as you like until the small hours.

Most ski jobs must be arranged by overseas applicants in advance through a recruiter or agency who can arrange your placement and working holiday visas. It is also best to arrange a ski resort job in advance by applying early (in summer or late autumn) or making enquiries a year before although you can still find jobs available on the spot in season in hotels, bars, restaurants, lift stations and shops.


General Ski Jobs

  • Ski Chalet Jobs
  • Cooks / Chef Jobs
  • Catering Support Staff
  • Management Jobs
  • Ski Resort Reps
  • Ski Season Administration Staff


Chalet Jobs

  • Chalet Host / Couples / Chalet Staff
  • Chalet Manager and Staff Trainer 
  • Cook/Chef
  • 5* Fine Dining Chalet Chef, Sous Chef, Chef de Partie, Commis Chef, Kitchen Porter, Head Chef
  • Resort Host
  • Chalet Couple (Chef & Host)


Winter Resort/Hotel jobs

  • Hotel Manager (Ski)
  • Hotel Assistant (Ski)
  • Chefs
  • Resort Customer Service Host (bilingual)


Other Jobs

  • Bar staff
  • DJ
  • Beauty Therapist and Masseur 
  • Kitchen and Catering Support 
  • Plongeur / KP


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