Popular Destinations

You can find positions in Asia, Indian Ocean, Europe, the Caribbean, South America, the Pacific and other destinations worldwide.


Types of Jobs

Types of jobs available on yachts include deckhands, stewards, childcare/activity instructors, kitchen staff, chefs and engineers.


Ship & Yacht Crew Jobs in Europe & Mediterranean

Why not spend time working on luxury yachts and boats located in Southern France around the Nice, Antibes, Monoco, St Tropez and Cannes in the Mediterranean Côte d’Azur. Some companies hire international staff, provide training and then place them on yachts with experiences captains and other staff from around the world. Types of jobs can include general deck crew, cleaners, hospitality staff and activity leaders. This is a unique experience where you will get to see the lives of the rich and famous whilst enjoying the climate and culture of a spectacular destination.



The salary for working on a super yacht can be very compatative compared to other seasonal jobs. Also factor in, accommodation and food are usually free and your expenses low. This is also your chance to travel and see the world.



To work on a super yacht you will usually need to be aged 18+ and have a STCW95 qualification. This qualification can cost around £750-£1000 and is an investment to give you the skills, expertise and qualification to get employment. Most yacht staff employers require you to have this qualification before you will be considered for employment. If you would like to work as an engineer on a super yacht you will need experiece, qualifications and a STCW95.


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