Top Things to Do on a Gap Year in Canada

Researching ideas for the best things to do on your gap year in Canada? Our directory will help you book an experience. You might like to also combine experiences and research a USA gap year too

Canada is one of the most popular gap year destinations, thousands of students, graduates and gappers visit every year to experience the laid back lifestyle and adventure activities on offer. Canada has spectacular mountains and landscapes, amazing diverse cities, numerous national parks and natural beauty spots - this will be the gap year of a lifetime. You should definately visit Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Whistler, Jasper, Banf or the Rockies. 

Canada is a very easy country to navigate and local people speak English so booking transport and getting around the country is very easy. If you are just looking to travel then ideally you'll need at least a month to see as much as possible, it might be an idea to hire a car or meet people at a hostel to travel with if you are looking to get off the beaten track.

On most trips you will be with experienced guide who know the best places to visit. They will be able to tell you lots of information you might not otherwise find out and can really improve your experience.