Work at a Campsite or Holiday Park

Campsite Jobs in Europe

Throughout Western Europe resorts or campsites as they are known offer a range of different facilities for travellers from a humble tent to a top of the line mobile home fully equipped with all modern conveniences. On site there are often a range of different companies offering stays onsite along with the campsite providing its own accommodation. 

Campsite sizes can range from small to large with the number of allotments ranging anywhere from 200 to 1500 plus. Therefore there is usually a wide variety of people working onsite and staying onsite throughout the season. Team sizes depends on the site, nevertheless being part of this team opens workers eyes to a wide range of people and cultures.

Campsites and travel companies hire seasonal staff with positions ranging from general couriers organising accommodation for visitors to entertainment couriers organising day and nighttime activities for children, teenagers and adults. The range of positions available mean that there truly is a position for everyone and stays onsite can range from 3 weeks for montage and de-montage to 1-5 months for couriers.

While the words working and holiday don't really go together, yet this type of experience can be extremely rewarding for all involved. There aren't many short-term summer jobs like this.


Employment Dates & When to Apply 

The working season as it is called can begin at different times throughout April as the campsite begins to get ready for the first visitors. The location of the campsite, popularity and size determines the opening times and closing times throughout the year.


Top Reasons to Apply

There are many different reasons to head off on a working holiday and work at a campsire this summer, not only do workers get to experience a wonderful culture, people and a different atmosphere they will experience the freedom and independence of working abroad. 


Campsite Jobs in the United Kingdom

There are lots of campsites located throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland which recruit seasonal staff all year round. If the idea of a holiday seasonal job in the UK appeals to you then you should definately consider applying, even thought the weather isn't as good as overseas destinations.


Campsite Jobs in Europe

Interested in working in Europe? Popular places to seek campsite employment include Croatia, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Spain. There are campsites and holiday parks throughout the continent. You will need to apply really early for these positions as they can get taken quickly.


Campsite Jobs in France

Working in France on a campsite is a very popular way to spend your summer, this type of work has been happening for many decades due to the amount of tourists who visit France every year. Both French and International companies hire staff, if you apply direct with a British company you will need to get a job / interview and will then be provided with a placement - this is a good way to avoid the hassel of paperwork and also having to pay French national insurance.

It is a good idea to get employment prior to arrival, as just turning up and seeking out employment in France can be extremely difficult. There are various companies which hire staff and if you get your application in early you stand a good chance of gaining employment. It is also an advantage if you speak a foreign language e.g. French, German, Russian or Mandarin - this is because you will more the likely be helping tourists from around the globe.


Campsite Jobs in Switzerland

There are lots of British and European holiday companies operating in Switzerland, cam sites are dotted around the country and seasonal-jobs-working-holidays are available for international staff. You can usually apply online in advance and you will need to go through an interview process and will be placed during the peak tourist time.

Companies like Eurocamp offer jobs for campsite couriers at Swiss campsites. If can speak any foreign languages this will be an advance in gaining employment, sometimes you might need to be helping foreign tourists who might speak French, German, Italian, Russian or Mandarin. These jobs can be a lot of fun but wages can be quite low.


Campsite Jobs Abroad

Interested in working abroad? Holiday firms hire international staff in countries all around the world like Australia and New Zealand to work for several months over the popular summer season. You could work at a campsite and work as a courier or get employed as a rep. Responsibilities include collecting new arrivals, preparing tents and caravans for visitors, meeting and greeting new arrivals, helping people organise excursions and making sure everything runs smoothly.


Types of Jobs Available


There are various roles available at campsites and holiday parks including: m

  • Managers
  • Cleaners
  • Driver/General Assistant
  • Holiday Rep Jobs
  • Reception & Office Staff
  • Campsite Couriers
  • Holiday Reps


Full Summer Season Staff

Workers taking a position working Montage will be helping to "open" the campsite. This usually involves checking the infrastructure of the accommodation which includes mobile homes and tents.  This position is quite hands on but the team work helps to create bonds and friendships soon there is fun being had all around that it almost isn't like work.

Overall the length of stay and quite often those who go out just for montage stay and work onsite as a campsite courier. One of the better positions available as there are no visitors on site, so it is a quieter and more relaxed feel. The main downside to this position is it can be at a colder time of year, so those looking for a tan might want to steer towards positions throughout the warmer months.


Campsite Courier Jobs

Campsite couriers look after the day to day running of the site, ensuring the accommodations are clean and up to standard for the new arrivals. Couriers are the guests point of contact for the duration of their stay onsite. Therefor they also look after an queries or issues guests may have about the parks amenities, local attractions and days out. Along with work couriers days generally end quite early as its often operated on a shift basis, this then provides the couriers with time to explore the local attractions, enjoy the parks facilities and get acquainted with the local culture. This position is best suited for those who like to always be busy, interacting with a variety of different people and cultures.


Campsite Childcare Jobs

A lot of sites are geared towards families and this is shown by the presence of children's clubs available on site. These clubs usually cater for children as young four up to teenagers as old as eighteen Each club designs a weekly schedule full of fun activities on site with the teenage club having the option to go off site for activities which can include anything from horse riding to paintball. Overall if having fun, playing sports and making sure the younger guests enjoy their holidays away from their parents, the role of children's courier role will provide the most, fun and freedom. 


Off Season Winter Campsite Jobs

After a season of fun and adventure it is time for the campsite to be closed up and ready to withstand the winter months. The best part of both De-montage and montage is workers often get the chance to move between sites in different areas which also gives them the opportunity to see more of the country.


How to Apply

There are numerous companies which can provide these types of working holidays, you can search positions above.


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