A Guide to Working as a Lifeguard

Lifeguard Jobs

As a lifeguard you will be responsible for monitoring swimming pools, lakes or the ocean to ensure the safety of people swimming or participating in water sports. There are seasonal-jobs-working-holidays both indoors and outdoors all year round. Popular places to apply for lifeguard vacancies include France, Spain, Australia and the United States. This is a role which might seem fun, for example spending summer on the beach but this job also carries a lot of responsibility as peoples lives will be in your hands.

Working as a lifeguard could be the perfect job for you - view our guide and apply today. 



  • To be eligble you will need to be a competent swimmer
  • Comfortable being around water
  • Physically fit
  • You will need to have different skills and training
  • Relevant qualifications and first aid courses
  • If you have any previous lifeguarding experience, skills or qualifications, you will boost your chances of getting employment


How to Gain Experience

Most lifeguard vacancies will be advertised seeking people who have qualifications and experience and if you currently lack experience you could take swimming lessons, a first aid course, join a relevant university or local club.


Lifeguard Jobs for Students

If you are a student seeking lifeguard jobs there are lots of flexible seasonal positions available to apply for during the holidays and break from studying. There are full time, temporary or part time lifeguard jobs available to apply for in the UK and overseas.

If you are a student some universities are a member of the BULSCA (British Universities Life Saving Clubs Association) which can make it easy for you to learn new skills and boost your job prospects. IF your university is not a member you could encourage them to join. There are other benefits of joining BULSCA, you will meet likeminded people and also get to participate incompetitions and organise and be part of British University Life Saving Championships.


Lifeguard Jobs in the UK

In the UK most lifeguard jobs can be found in local public swimming pools and at health clubs. During summer you can also apply to work at a lifeguard at holiday resorts and coastal locations. Most people find work at local council run swimming pools and also private health clubs which are located throughout the country. Summer is the best time to seek casual employment, this is due to the schools breaking up and people taking holidays.


Work as a Lifeguard Overseas

Fancy spending time living and working abroad? Summer summer jobs working as a lifeguard are increasingly popular and there are lots of destinations you can apply.


Beach Lifeguard Jobs 

If you enjoy being in the great outdoors consider applying for beachside lifeguard jobs. This position is perfect for people who like to be at the beach, are responsible and who have a passion for swimming and helping others. There are full time, and temporary positions available. 


Lifeguard Jobs in the USA

Fancy living and working in the USA? Why not apply to work at an American summer camp as a lifeguard! This flexible summer job is a lot of fun and lets you experience life in the United States whilst getting paid! There are camps located throughout North America which hire international staff during the summer period from May to September. If you live outside of the United States there are lots of agenices which offer seasonal-jobs-working-holidays, companies to check out include Camp America, BUNAC, InterExchange, Wildpacks, Americamp, CCUSA and Camp Leaders.


Lifeguard Jobs on Cruise Ships

Want to travel and see the world? Consider applying to work on a cruise ship. International cruise ship recruiters hire staff all year round as they need staff to work at their onboard swimming pools - some ships even have multipe pools. 


Tip Tips for How to Work as a Lifeguard

Does the idea of working as a lifeguard appeal to you? Wondering how you can get started? If you are currently looking at options then you will need some skills and qualifications to work as a lifeguard.

Most recruiters offer full training and lifguard courses before starting a job. This usually includes guidance, practical tests and examinations which you will be required to pass. You might also be required to have more training or experience in first aid, life saving and rescue skills. 

If you are applying for lifeguard jobs in the United Kingdom, you might be required to get a formal lifeguard qualification from one of the following organisations:

  • RLSS (Royal Life Saving Society, UK)
  • HABC (Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance) 
  • The Swimming Teachers Association

If you live in the UK and would like to work as a beach lifeguard then you should check out the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) who offer courses and qualifications (NaRS BL: the National Rescue Standards Beach Lifeguard Qualification and the RLSS who have a National Beach Lifeguard Qualification) to help protential lifeguards gain experience and employment. You will also need to get your Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) form before you apply for jobs as you will likely be working with or interacting with children and most recruiters will request this.


Benefits Of Working a a Lifeguard 

  • A different type of workplace compared to other industries
  • Positions all around the world
  • Get to go swimming in your spare time - stay fit and healthy


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