If you would like to volunteer and see somewhere totally different and unlike anywhere else in the world then the following destinations will appeal to you.


1. Philippines

How does the Philippines make our list of unusual countries to volunteer you might be thinking.

Well, when people look volunteer to volunteer in Asia most opt for more touristy destinations like Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia and Vietnam. But if you go to the Philippines you will get to see some of the most bizarre places in the world like the spectacular Chocolate hills as seen in the picture above.


2. Japan

Japan temple

Looking for a culture shock? Want to visit somewhere unlike anywhere else you have probably been before? Book a trip to Japan. You will get to see high-tech cities, strange but tasty food, see ancient Japanese culture mixing with modern technology. There are also lots of odd places to visit which include the Kawachi Fuji Gardens.


3. Ukraine

Ukraine is a developing country and less visited than other countries in the region - most internationals choose to volunteer in Russia. If you would like to visit Ukraine and would like a scary experience you can book a tour of Chernoybl, the site of the 1986 nuclear disaster.


4. Ghana

When people apply to volunteer in Africa most only see one side to the continent which is often portrayed in the media - poverty. Surprise yourself by booking a program in Ghana and see a different side to Africa. Ghana has bustling cities and sandy beaches and offers a great alternative to volunteer programs in South Africa!


5. Spain

How does Spain make our list you might think? For a start, as a Westernised European nation it might not strike you as there is a great need for volunteers. Also most people take beach holidays here and do nothing but sunbathing, drinking and eating. If you would like to do something different there are lots of community and conservation volunteer programs available. Imagine telling your friends and family you went to help whales and dolphins! You will also get to see some very unique buildings like the Gaudi Basilica in Barcelona.


6. Ecuador

Ecuador is divese in terms of nature and scenery, from cities like Quito, to the Amazon jungle to the incredible Galapagos. If you volunteer in the Galapagos Islands you will get a magical experience like no other where you can see and help giant tortoises.


7. Turkey

Turkey is the crossroads between Asia and Europe and is a country with ancient history and world famous sights. Turkey is also home to some very unique and bizarre places to see like Cappadocia the underground cave houses. 


8. Maldives

The Maldvies makes our list as hardly anyone knows you can volunteer here! Imagine getting to wake up in paradise surrounded by the ocean and white sandy beaches. The pictures alone should make you want to apply.


9. Romania

Romania makes our list due to the unusual places you can visit in your spare time including Hunyad Castle (Dracula’s Castle)! You will get to learn more about th history, culture and country when participating.


10. Mongolia

Mongolia is a rural wilderness which most people would struggle to locate on a map. This country is spectacular though and the people very friendly despite the language barrier.


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