Volunteer in the Maldives

Is there a better Asia volunteer destination than the Maldives? Well, certain not in terms of scenery. Projects can be joined on stunning islands like Dharavandhoo, Kamadhoo, Maroshi and Naifaru. Expect local people to be very welcoming and friendly, this is not your average holiday, it's so much better! You will also get lots of free time to relax, see some amazing beaches and meet other internationals.

The Maldives might seem like an idyllic paradise which is out of reach due to cost but through our website you can book a structured volunteer experience which includes accommodation and meals in the price. There are local NGO's and also large international sending agencies offering structured volunteer packages in the Maldives, usually you will get placements, pre-departure information, training/orientation, meals, accommodation, in-country support and also a donation included in the price you pay. 

Getting free or even paid work in the Maldives can be extremely difficult unless you are a skilled professional. You will also be responsible for paying for your flights independently from your native country. The cost can vary depending on the placement and lenght you join, the general price can be anywhere from around USD$500 - $2500. If you are looking to visit on a budget you might want to avoid peak season like July and August because flights will be more expensive than other times of the year. 


Help Animals & Conservation in Maldives

Play a key role in helping the beautiful environment of this region trying to get more sustainability long term. There are tasks like tree plants, beach cleaning, helping agriculture or helping awareness campaigns educating local communities on the importance of recycling. If you have a passion for wildlife you might like to volunteer with sea turtles here or help with sustainable projects which aim to help wildlife.

Local NGO's organise projects to help nesting turtles and you can join programs during specific times of the year. The Maldives is a popular tourist destination with resorts popping up all around the country, but this has a negative effect on the local eco systems and also destroys animals natural habitat.

These projects are a great way to do more than just sunbathing and also see a different side to this country, another bonus is the free time where you can enjoy some of the best beaches in the world.


Community Development

There are some really rewarding social, building and construction projects available to join, these placements are an amazing way to build infrastructure for future generations. These types of programs are usually organised in groups where you will get to help improve facilities for remote communities.

Some other types of social projects are run in conjunction with the local government which encourages youngsters to get involved with sports and related activities - you might be helping train and build new skills among local people under the guidance of experienced local staff. If you have any skills in medicine and healthcare your training can be put to good use in the Maldives, there are outreach teams working to help people outside of the capital, for example you can help with health check ups and hygiene initiatives.

Placements for dentists and general medical assistants can be found throughout the year.


Sports Coaching Programs

The Maldives has a very outdoors lifestyle and sports are a big part of life and you can apply to coach football, netball, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, swimming and even aerobics on the beach. You might be surprised to learn football is really popular in this country and you can put your skills to the test by helping coaching sessions to youngsters.

You will be expected to create an enjoyable learning experience and the best thing is you don't need to the level of a top coach like Jose Mourinho to apply. No previous skills or qualifications are needed, just energy and a desire to help others learn. These sports jobs placements will be an unforgettable experience and also a lot of fun.

You can share your passion for football with the children of the Maldives and apply to volunteer on structured coaching programs! The one truly universal game is always a big passion for Maldivian youths (and adults!) – Like anywhere else in the world. Although we have a great National football team most sports teams and schools don’t have the resources or people to dedicate to sport, so our volunteers play a vital role, not just in keeping children entertained and healthy, but also in the overall development of sport in the country.

Volunteers don’t necessarily have to be qualified football coaches or referees (although for those that are, we’ll be snapping you up!) but anyone with a real passion for the game who can motivate and inspire the youngsters will be incredibly welcome! Football has always been very popular in the Maldives, but has enjoy a surge in popularity since the national Maldives team won the SAFF - South Asian Football Federation Cup (previously the South Asian Football Federation Gold Cup) in 2009, and came runners up this year. Drop us an email if you’d like to go straight onto the waiting list for this project!


How to Book

No previous experience is needed to volunteer in the Maldives for non-skilled placements and full training and support will be provided on arrival. You will need to be eligible for a tourist visa and also aged over 18 to apply. Programs are open all year round but you will need to book early due to the popularity of this destination - this is especially for the college / university break / family summer holiday period.

If you are interested in this experience please view placements above where you can view more details about the project you are intested in. Please contact us if you need any help or advice.


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