Volunteer Programs for Under 18s

Volunteer Programs for Under 18s

Aged under 18? Like to volunteer abroad? There are short term programs for 13, 14, 15,16 and 17 year olds worldwide. You can find programs all around the world in Africa, Latin America, Europe, Asia and other destinations for summer and also other times of the year. Get inspired and apply today.


Volunteering Projects Abroad

Find volunteer trips around the world for teenagers and under 18 year olds.

Volunteer Work Teenagers

Types of Volunteer Programs Abroad for Teenagers

  • Animal Projects
  • Archaeology Projects
  • Care & Community Projects
  • Conservation Projects
  • Journalism Projects
  • Human Rights Projects
  • Language Exchanges
  • Law & Business Projects
  • Medicine & Healthcare projects
  • Sports Projects



Top Reasons to Apply

  • Do something rewarding
  • Visit new countries
  • Meet new people
  • Get  a certificate of volunteer hours / completion
  • Looks great on college, university and job applications.  
  • Make a difference



Popular Places to Go

Where you go really comes down to your personal preference, the organisation and also the type of project. Popular countries you can find projects include: Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Botswana, Cambodia, China, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Ethiopia / Fiji, Galapagos Islands, Ghana, Jamaica, Kenya, Laos, Madagascar, Mexico, Mongolia, Morocco / Nepal, Peru, Philippines, Romania, Senegal, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand, Togo and Vietnam.



Teenager Volunteer Programs

Volunteer Programs for Americans

Looking to join a volunteer vacation? Search incredible trips on our website.



Summer Volunteer Programs Teenagers


Summer Volunteer Programs for Under 18's

We find summer trips are the most popular and spaces can fill up quick. Apply early!



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