How to Volunteer in Japan

Looking for an amazing experience? Maybe you have always wanted to visit Japan or you are new to the idea. On our guide you can search life changing opportunities to go and help in Japan. This is a very popular destination and you can join from 1 week to 12 months working on a community project. A good way to integrate into Japanese society is to live with a local host family. 


Top Reasons to Volunteer in Japan

  • Be more than just a tourist and do something worthwhile
  • Experience a magical country
  • Improve your language skills whilst spending time living and speaking with local people makes the cultural transition easier
  • Most volunteer packages include accommodation meaning you can experience this expensive country on the cheap
  • Meet other international volunteers from all over the world


Location of Projects

Places you can participate in Japan include the capital Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima and more rural areas. Where you are based really depends on the organisation and project. Each part of the country is different but you will also get lots of free time to see more than just your base.

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Community Volunteer Programs in Japan


There are several projects available where you can work within communities, help educational projects, work to protect nature and the environment on sustainable living projects or join care and medical and healthcare programs. A lot of volunteering projects in Japan are found at schools, hospitals and orphanages where you will work cloesly with local communities and form strong bonds.

You could also live on a farm and work in exchange for free accommodation, these placements are popular with travellers and you can find these opportunities in remote areas of Japan. If you are thinking about a career in medicine and health care you can find placements at Red Cross Hospitals or join internships in cities like Nagasaki or Tokyo.


Earthquake / Tsumani Volunteering Projects in Japan

The world was shocked by the devestating earthquake and tsunami which struck Japan recently. We get requests for people wanting to help with the Fukushima nuclear disaster after the 2011 earthquake but unless you work for a humanitarian organization or local Japanese agency you won't be able to help with the clean up efforts. You can also help the Japan by donating money to appeals by organisations like the Red Cross and MSF.


Who Can Apply

No knowledge of the Japanese language is required to volunteer, but learn some basic phrases will really come in useful. You can volunteer in Japan on a tourist visa, this is granted on arrival and allows you to stay for up to 3 months. There are flexible start dates and you can join programs every month of the year. It is not all work too, you will get lots of time to travel and see more of this country. You might want to book a Japanese language course in Japan as basic words and phrases will help integrate into Japanese society.


How to Apply

Japan is a very expensive country and so please note some organisations fee's for placements can be high. If you search our featured organisations you can enquire and book a spot.


Volunteer in Japan for Free

If you arrange a program direct you will be able to arrange free and low cost programs. You might still need to budget for food / accommodation costs although some placements include homestays.


Help & Advice

If you need any help arranging a volunteer placement in Japan please get in touch.


Japan Volunteer Reviews & Testimonials

If you have ever been to volunteer in Japan and would like to add a review, write about your experience or share any recommendations please contact us.

“The variety build in to the project was a real bonus. We got an inside view of two contrasting centres, and even a day at a third. We seemed to give so little, yet their gratitude was enormous and I loved how instantly warm and welcoming everyone, volunteers, staff and residents, were. It was a total immersion into Japanese life, daunting at times, but truly wonderful. I come away having learned so much, in many unexpected ways. A huge thank you to all who made this possible for me, I am incredibly fortunate and will definitely continue to volunteer in the future.“ Volunteer in a project in Japan, Keiyukai senior care


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