How to Volunteer in Ghana

Ghana volunteer programs

On the UN Human Development Index, Ghana ranks 130 out of 169 countries and 28.5% of the country’s population lives below the poverty line. It is notable that it is considered more developed than many other African countries. Though better off than many of its neighbours, Ghana is still a developing country with much progress to be made. A quarter of a million people are living with HIV and forty percent of the population can not read.

On a positive note, Ghana is benefiting from several international debt relief initiatives, namely the Heavily Indebted Poor Country program and the Multilateral Debt Relief Initiative. Ghana is also improving macroeconomic stability, private sector competitiveness, human resource development, good governance, and civic responsibility. Ghana turned fifty six years old in 2013. Landing in the humid capital, Accra, it is not hard to notice that little has changed in those fifty six years.

Ghana remains a deeply religious land of pot-holed mud roads and tribal scars. This country is making big strives forward but there is still problems with the economy, poverty and a lack of developed infrastructure. Places in the North of the country and also more remote areas suffer the most but you can give service and sign up as a volunteer to help - this will supply you with a life changing experience today. 

By applying to help you will learn about the local culture, meet friendly people and get lots of free time to check out the beautiful beaches, visit local markets to barter for goods and also integrate and see a local side to the country. This is a volunteer journey you will never forget! 


Location of Projects

Programs are located in places like Ayensudo, Elmina, Tamale, Kumasi, the capital Accra and more rural areas Nkoranza Brong Ahafo. Ghana might not have the luxury of living standards you are used to but there are bustling towns and cities with café's, restaurants, bars and internet. Accra is where most projects are joined - this city is the art and cultural centre which showcases the rich culture of Ghana's products such as drums, crafts, beads, the Kwame Nkrumah Museum (first president of Ghana) etc. You might also like to combine experiencess by viewing our Cameroon volunteer programs or search our Africa volunteer directory.


Types of Projects

There is a lot of choice if you are thinking about volunteering in Ghana including community and youth development, medical / healthcare work, education, female empowerment programs, football and sports coaching programs and orphanage placements. There are lots of ways you can help people with HIV and Aids or work on education/awareness programs and community development initiatives. Whether its following your dream of to work somewhere amazing or simply sampling a new career path, we can make it happen.


Community Development Programs in Ghana

Charities and local NGO's are always looking to improve infrastructure in Ghana, you could join school building volunteer work projects. You could help at community clinics and sports organizations in Ghana to provide help, assistance, healthcare, education and physiotherapy treatment to local people. There is plenty of entertainment, delicious local cuisine, several community based incentive schemes and of course - stunning beaches!

Ghana has some very poor areas but you can join a program and gain insight in the medical field, while making a positive impact on the local community. Some skilled placements like medical programs will require a professional education. Volunteer teachers and assistants are needed in Ghana year round to help improve the lives of children and provide them with a good education at schools and orphanages. There are also building and construction projects available where you can help rural communities improve their infrastructure and living standards.


Eligibility & Requirements

The programs we have listed are open to most Nationalities to apply, please note to participate most organisations will require you to be aged 18 and over and also in good health. Our local partners welcomes hundreds of people each year, all from different walks of life and from all over the world. This provides for an enriching exchange opportunity not only with the local communities, but also with volunteers from different international backgrounds.



Housing is usually provided in the form of a shared volunteer house or a homestay and once you arrive you'll have an orientation to Ghana and a full induction to your program.


How to Apply

A lot of the organisations we partner with provide structured placements, flights, in-country support, transport and meals. For this you will need to pay an application fee which can vary depending on the project and length of time you join for. You can search opportunities above and apply today. There are vaious local charities and NGO's working to help children and disadvantaged communities by providing them with housing, education, healthcare assistance and providing a better future. If you search our featured organisations you will be able to find free and cheap placements where you might only be required to make a donation and cover costs to the placements.


Ghana Volunteer Reviews

Have you ever been to volunteer in Ghana? Would you like to share your experience or review an organisation or project? Contact us today. Below you can read past volunteer feedback which will give you an insight into what to expect.

"I travelled to Ghana with POD volunteer last April for two weeks and I had a fantastic time there and brilliant experience of working alongside the charity. They were always  friendly, efficient and well organised prior to the trip and could answer any questions that you came to them with. They helped you book flights and find reasonable travel insurance and provided lots of contacts to go to with any issues that you had when you were away. I would travel with POD again." - Charlotte, UK

"I joined a program with Volunteers Partnership for West Africa (VPWA) who not only have several interesting projects, but also offer you the opportunity to gain international experience, living with people from all over the world, of different ages, cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds, and you also work with many local people. Projects are carried out with other volunteers, along with local leaders." - Isabela, Canada

"I volunteered with Projects Abroad on a community programs in Ghana. The experience was challenging at times but also amazing. I would really recommend volunteering in Ghana to anyone considering it." - Megan, UK

"The key to the success of volunteer projects in Ghana is; ‘working alongside’. There is a common misconception among many people in developed countries that people in less developed countries aren’t capable and are in need of being ‘saved’ by wealthier countries. This just simply isn’t true. I’m not denying that Ghana doesn’t have its problems with issues such as poverty; it does. But it isn’t a problem that will just be solved by donating money and foreign aid. That does help, but to really combat the issue of poverty means working together with the communities affected and find solutions to these problems together, which in turn would mean that everyone involved would learn something. This is where Ghana is developing fast, and it is a country that is leading the way for the continent. It has the fastest growing economy in Africa, and it also one of the more progressive countries with its attitude to different social issues. Most importantly, Ghana is a country of life and colour, and it is all too easy to fall in love with it." - Marc Seymour, who participated on a sport coaching program in Ghana where he helped local children improve their soccer skills.