This is the dream right? Well, its also easier than you might think as there are lots of towns, cities and exotic islands around the world where you can teach English.

Check out our top tips for the best beach destinations in the world for TEFL teachers to looking to work abroad.


1. Spain

Playa de Maro, Nerja

Spain has some of the best islands and beaches in the whole of Europe.

You can mix working with sightseeing, relaxing and also partying. Whether you teach on the mainland or on the islands we highly recommend you take time out to explore places like Ibiza, Gran Canaria and Barcelona.

Going to teach English in Spain will be an incredible experience. You could also combine experiences and book a course with some of the best Spanish language schools in Spain.


2. Thailand

Phi Phi

Keen on the idea of going to teach English in Asia? Struggling to narrow down your search? Go and work in Thailand.

There are so many amazing beaches on the South coast of the country and also world famous islands like Phuket, Koh Phi Phi and Koh Tao (as seen above).

If you are not yet qualified you could take a TEFL course in Thailand, most TEFL schools in the country have good links with employers and some like SEE TEFL in Chiang Mai even offer employment on completion of a course.


3. Caribbean

Tulum beach

The Caribbean is a world famous region with incredible islands and white sandy beaches.

If the idea of living and teaching English in the Caribbean here appeals to you there are a lot of options and most countries in the region have beautiful white sandy beaches.

Are you open to an up and coming destination? You could apply to teach English in Cuba and experience this authentic destination.

One of our other top recommendations is to teach English in the Dominican Republic.


4. Australia

Sydney ferry

Is it even possible to work in Australia as an English teacher? You might be surprised to learn yes.

There are language schools located throughout the country which help refugees and international visitors to learn English and TEFL teachers are needed all year round.

And the benefits? You will get to see amazing beaches like Byron Bay (as seen above), Bondi beach and the incredible Whitsunday islands.


5. Brazil

Copacabana beach

Brazil is famous for having some of the most famous and well known beaches in the world including Copacobana and Ipanema in Rio de Janeiro.

You can see them for yourself by appyling to teach English in Brazil - this country is vibrant and amazing, each city and location is different.

You can find teaching positions throughout the country. If you would like to enhance your learning you could also book a Portuguese language course in Brazil which will help with integration and living there.


6. Greece


Ask anyone who has been to the Greek Islands and the chances are they will tell you how spectacular they are.

Greece has a struggling econonmy but there is still a need for English teachers with local keen to learn English and improve job prospects both home and abroad.

Teaching English in Greece is a great way to see spectacular sights in your spare time. A popular option for TEFL teachers is to book a Greece tour and go island hopping to see beaches like Navagio beach as seen in the picture above.


7. Indonesia


If you have ever seen any pictures of places like Bali you will understand why this country is on our list. Bali and Lombok and simply stunning with miles and miles of white sandy beaches.

Thousands of tourists visit every year but many do not realise you can actually live and work here. You will not regret going to teach English in Indonesia!


8. India

Goa - Best Things to Do

Going to teach in India can be a life changing experience. This country has a huge population with over one billion people living here, many of which are in poverty.

Learning English is a great way for locals to improve job prospects and there is a high demand for TEFL teachers throughout the country. We recommend you head south where the beaches around Goa are vibrant and stunning.

A lot of people also combine experiences and apply to volunteer in India to help community projects which can be really rewarding.


9. Dubai

Dubai free things to do

Keen to teach English in the Middle East? Looking for a destination with year round warm weather? Looking for some of the highest wages in the world? Want to experience a different country/culture and also get to live close to the ocean? Consider going to teach in Dubai!


10. Mexico

Tulum beach

Mexico is blessed with beautiful beaches with popular tourist destinations like Playa del Carmen and Cancun attracting thousands of international visitors every year. If you would like to work abroad and would like an up and coming country then choose Mexico should be high on your list. You can find TEFL jobs in Mexico throughout the country.

11. Philippines

Boracay beach

The Philippines is one of the one of the most stunning countries in the world with hundreds of islands many of which are uninhabited by humans. Going to teach English in the Philippines will open up a whole world of opportunities where you will get to meet new people, get paid and have a lot of fun. Places to check out include Palawan which is stunning.


12. Maldives

Maldives from the sky

Pictures like the one above do not do the Maldives justice, you really need to visit and see this destination with your own eyes. If you would like to visit for more than you average tourist there are lots of seasonal-jobs-working-holidays for foreigners in the Maldives which include teaching English. 


13. Italy

Sardinia beautiful white sandy beach

Italy is a surprising entry on our list and although the beaches might not be as spectacular as for example the while sandy beaches of the Maldives, the beaches and seaside locations have a unique charm.

You can from beaches throughout the country and you will get plenty of time to go in search of your favourite one when teaching English in Italy. Capri and the Amalfi Coast are highly recommended.


14. Costa Rica

Playa del Carmen beach palm trees

Costa Rica is definately one of the more exotic destinations on our list and this country is becoming more popular with TEFL teachers due to the warm climate, relaxed atmosphere and stunning beaches.

Going to teach English in Costa Rica will be an amazing experience and there are more language schools opening every year hiring international teachers.

If you want to help wildlife you can also volunteer in Costa Rica in your spare time helping exotic wildlife like sloths.


Plan Your TEFL Beach Escape

We hope our article has inspired or give you some ideas for potential destinations to teach English abroad. If you are not yet certified search and compare cheap TEFL courses.