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A Guide to Teaching in the Middle East

There is a big demand for qualified TEFL teachers in the Middle East region and you can find employment all year round making this part of the world an attractive prospect. Some countries have endured recent turmoil with revolution and riots and so its always advised to check the current climate and travel advice. Most countries like Dubai enjoy a very peaceful atmosphere and combined with friendly local people and a warm climate thousands of people teach English in the Middle East every year.


How to Find Teaching Employment in the Middle East

Browse websites and job boards online. Most jobs can be arranged in advance usually on the phone, via webcam or in person.


Best Places to Teach in Middle East

You can find paid TEFL work in most Middle Eastern countries especially in the wealthy Gulf States. Local people need to learn English which can help with jobs, business and education. Some countries like Dubai have a booming tourist economy..



You might be surprised to learn that salaries in the Middle East are among some of the highest in the world, depending on the job you could earn around $2000 - $7000 per month providing you with a good income and also sometime accommodation and flights are included for free depending on the hiring company. Expect higher wages if you have a respected four year degree of education or if you have an advanced TEFL / TESOL certification. Some countries have high wages like Dubai and Saudi Arabia whilst others are lower like Egypt and Morocco but also living costs are lower here.



To teach in a lot of the Gulf countries you will need a bachelors’ or masters’ degree education but no local language skills are required.


What to Consider Before Applying

Each country is different and so please do as much research as possible, also try to read reviews and feedback from past teaching experiences as you don't want to arrive and realize this region is not for you. There is a lot different culture in the Middle East and you will need to abide by rules and regulations which are far more strict than in Europe for example. You will find a large community of expats and other international teachers in the Middle East which can make the experience easier and more enjoyable. We really recommend teaching English in the Middle East but spend time looking at options and countries before applying.


Help / Advice

If you need any help arranging an teaching position in the Middle East please get in touch.


Middle East TEFL Reviews

If you have ever been to teach in the Middle East and would like to add a review, write about your experience or share any recommendations please contact us.


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