TESOL / TEFL Certification in Playa Samara, Costa Rica

Company : Costa Rica TEFL
Duration: 3 weeks to 4 weeks
Approx Costs: 1500 to 1500 $ Dollars (US)

Earn your TEFL certification in paradise!

Get certified to teach English abroad with our Internationally accredited TESOL/TEFL certificate (160 Hours) in Costa Rica.

The Costa Rica TEFL faculty combines its 30+ years of experience in teaching foreign languages to offer you a unique opportunity to earn an accredited TEFL/TESOL certificate that will qualify you to teach EFL/ESL in Costa Rica or anywhere in the world. We GUARANTEE that once you have completed our course you will be fully prepared to teach ELL successfully in any classroom environment.


Course Schedule

  • Monday to Friday 10:30am to 7:30pm.
  • 40 hours per week, 160 hours in total.



Our facilities are located in downtown Playa Samara on the Nicoya Peninsula on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. The school is located in a two-story building which also houses several other establishments like a school supplies shop, cafe, clothing boutique and a tour company. Our facilities offer trainees both the resources and technology conducive to learning. We have three classrooms, a teacher planning room equipped with computers, printers and copiers, and an administrative office. Students have access to the school from 8:30AM to provide ample access to technology including high speed wireless internet! The building is only 5 minutes from nearly 100 restaurants, shops and the beach!


Class Schedule

Each trainee must complete 160 contact hours in order to receive our Internationally Accredited Costa Rica TESOL/TEFL certificate. Classes will be held 40 hours per week over a period of four weeks. Trainees will complete the above mentioned hours in the following: training, lesson planning, observed practice teaching, peer observation, feedback sessions, and job placement assistance.

The class schedule is 10:30am to 7:30pm, any adjustments to the times can be made by the trainers or suggested by the group of trainees. Trainees also have the opportunity to meet with other local teachers to discuss their experiences teaching abroad.


Course Dates:

  • January 8- February 2nd – Samara Campus
  • February 12 – March 9 – Samara Campus
  • March 19 –  April 13 – Samara Campus
  • April 23 – May 18 – Samara Campus
  • May 28 – June 22 -Samara Campus
  • July 2- July 27 – Samara Campus
  • August 6 – August 31 – Samara Campus
  • September 10 – October 5 – Samara Campus
  • October 15 – November 9 – Samara Campus
  • November 19 – December 14 – Samara Campus 


Course Costs

  • $1585 course fee + $50 application fee (USD) 

(Why is our fee so much less than other TEFL courses in Costa Rica? We are independently owned and not a chain school. Our main goal is to educate. Additionally, our ELL program is non-profit which is one of the many ways we give back to the local community.)


The course includes:

  • Internationally Accredited TEFL certification.
  • Course materials and assistance in constructing a professional portfolio to be used in interviews and in your future classroom.
  • Costa Rica TEFL© textbook
  • Access to copy machines, printers and all of the materials you need to complete the course.
  • Life-long job placement assistance for teaching positions in Costa Rica and worldwide.
  • Interview preparation and on-site interviews with local language schools, Universities, and International schools.
  • Access to our network of current EFL teachers around the world which includes chats, emails, a variety of online teaching resources and first-hand testimonials.
  • Full use of air-conditioned facilities and FREE Wi-Fi
  • Free housing placement assistance
  • Free Beach Yoga & Spanish classes

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Costa Rica TEFL TESOL / TEFL Certification in Playa Samara, Costa Rica Reviews

Best Experience of My Life

If you're currently looking for a TEFL course to complete abroad, I highly recommend you choose Costa Rica TEFL in Playa Samara. With its close proximity to the beach, excellent Teacher Trainers, and helpful staff, it's the ideal place to get TEFL/TESOL certified.

I completed my TEFL certification in January of 2017 and it was the best thing I have ever done. I made so many new friends from all around the world and gained invaluable experience abroad.

The Founder and Director, Barbara Miller, is also extremely helpful with finding jobs upon completion of the course. In addition, she will always be there to help her TEFL graduates get jobs in the future.

Thank you for everything Costa Rica TEFL :)

By: Marissa
Nationality: USA
Age: 27

Amazing course!

This is an incredible course. The curriculum, instructors, and practice teaching experience guarantee that you will leave the program feeling confidant and ready to teach no matter your prior level of experience. The location is amazing - beautiful beaches, jungle, wildlife, and culture. The job placement assistance can’t be beat either. The teachers and Director, Barbara, really work smart to help every student secure teaching jobs not only in Costa Rica, but worldwide. I can’t say enough good things about this course. If you are considering, just make the commitment to yourself and DO IT!

By: Bill
Nationality: USA
Age: 33

Taking this course was the best decision I've ever made in my life

Honestly, booking this TEFL certification program was the best decision I have ever made. It was the start of a year and a half abroad for me (taught for a year), the majority of that time spent in Costa Rica. The program itself was hands down the best month of my life. Such an awesome program! The teachers are amazing and incredibly dedicated, I learned so much and feel prepared to teach English anywhere in the world. You also get to spend so much time actually teaching the locals, which is so unique to this program and gives such a hands on, and genuine experience. Doesn't hurt that the course is located in PARADISE :) I couldn't sing higher praises. Feel free to reach out with any questions/concerns, (poweredbypineapple@yahoo.com) I am happy to talk to anyone thinking about joining TEFL :) It changed my life, so I am so excited to share my experience with as many people as possible!

By: Kristen Anderson
Nationality: USA
Age: 24

TEFL Playa Samara Costa Rica

Hola , my name is Nickola Johnson and I am from Trinidad and Tobago . I completed my TEFL in Playa Samara Cost Rica in May 2018. It was on the most amazing and life changing experience. The course and the trainers were excellent , extremely friendly and very efficient. Barbara and her team are gems. In addition Playa Samara was beyond beautiful .I didn't want to leave I give the course a 20/10 hhahhaa .

Trinidad and Tobago

By: nickola
Nationality: Trinidadian
Age: 30

Best Experience of My Life

I did this course in April 2018 with three other students. It was intense but do rewarding. We got 20 hours of hands on teaching experience over the course of four weeks starting day three. All of us received job offers before the course was over, partly due to the one on one help and feedback and assistance we had with our job search. The staff is incredible and very close to each other and make you feel so welcome. In addition to the fantastic training, Samara is the most incredible location you could ask for. The school is a one minute walk to the beach, the town is known for being a fun, relaxed beach town, and it is not too touristy. The school also offers free Spanish classes once a week and free yoga on the beach. If you choose Costa Rica TEFL, be ready for the well-rounded experience of a lifetime!!!!

By: Kaitlyn
Nationality: USA
Age: 24

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