It is one of the ultimate and highly recommended backpacker journeys but if you don't have the time, the money or desire to rough it, don't let that stop you exploring Europe. This guide with budgets travel ideas in Europe for every month will help your planning get underway.



January has a bad rep, famed for being the most depressing month of the year. Christmas is over, it's still cold, the days are still short and summer is a long way away.

People have splurged out over the last month and fun seems like it's hard to afford but it's time to scrape the pennies together, not give in to the depression and go in search of some winter sun.

You don't need to head over to the other side of the world to find it; package holidays on the Canary Islands or Spain are not only for the summer as the sun is still producing heat with highs of 22 C throughout January. An altertive option is to volunteer in Spain or work in Tenerife.



Embrace the cold one last time before looking to warmer futures with a ski trip this month.

It may not be the cheapest of holidays you'll take this year but it can be made affordable by heading to places such as Andorra and France. Perfect also if you're new to the slopes with lessons starting at lower prices than other countries.

Though whether you're an avid skier, first timer or simply going for the après-ski, it will be money you're glad to have spent. You might want to work a winter season in France.



Generally on the list of budget flights, March is the perfect time to use it to go to Dublin, Ireland.

It has reached a point where St Patrick's day is celebrated in many countries around the world by a random variety of nationalities. But why not go to it's home.

Celebrated on the 17th, a lot of people will be heading there for the parades, so if you want your cheap flights for this one, do book and plan early.

Dublin may be known for it's nightlife year round but do try and get up in the day as there are still many sites about the city to be seen. Want to do more than just sightseeing?

View our guide to working in Ireland



Europe is beginning to warm up and countries like Italy feel it earlier in the year than others. Known for it's history, cuisine and beauty, anywhere you fancy will already be alive and impressive by this month.

The grandeur of Rome, Italy is always a safe bet and you will never be short of places to explore over your time there. Prepare to be overwhelmed at the ancient architecture sites of the Colosseum and the Pantheon as well as the intricate designs seen across all the churches and of course in Vatican City.

A popular option is to teach English in Italy or apply for seasonal jobs in Italy.



At certain times of the year Amsterdam can be mistaken for an ugly city, worthy only of crazy trips with big groups. That is all well and good but spring in Amsterdam is unmistakingly gorgeous. The architecture, canals and blossoms come together to make a scene so romantic and fresh that you'll feel transported to an era long gone by.

If you are looking to gain work experience? View our guide to interning in the Netherlands.



A great time to make your way to Spain before schools break for holidays and summer season is still well underway. It also is a more comfortable version of hot for those Europeans not quite used to the heat.

Whether booking a package deal or doing something a little more adventurous, A gap year in Spain can always be done on the cheap. Barcelona will be pleasing for beach and city lovers alike having the perfect combination of both.

If football is your sport, grab some tickets for a game at the world famous Camp Nou for some Messi action. For culture don’t miss La Sagrada Familia for a visual treat. You might like to take a TEFL course in Barcelona or apply to work in Spain.



The summer season has come into full swing and prices across Europe have risen. This does not mean you have to stay at home and wait until September to get out again, just head over to Eastern Europe.

These countries are still very affordable for food, accommodation, activities and flights. It is also easy to find culturally rich accessible areas, yet to be spoilt by tourism. Split, Croatia to name just one is ideal this month, with it's old town being a hot spot for open air dining, drinking and dancing.

After, try island hopping between Brac and Hvar for water sports, tanning and party nights, surrounded by beaches often featured in "top" lists from around the world. View cheap Croatia tours or for something more meaningful apply to volunteer in Croatia.



It is no secret that the UK does not boast the best or most reliable summer sun. In some years there have been cases of Brits blinking and missing it altogether.

That is not to say don't give it a go, absolutely do and do it right in the heart of the season. The slogan “Keep Calm and Carry On" emerged for a reason.

Come rain or shine, at the seaside, country side or a city, the buzz you'll get in Britain through August will make up for what it lacks in the sunshine department. Scotland's Edinburgh highlights just this, head over in August to spot talent at the world's largest arts festival; Edinburgh's Fringe Festival.

View our guide to working in the UK or taking a gap year in the UK.



Don't feel blue that summer is ending for another year, wind it down in this transitional month with a trip to France.

If you're still desperately chasing the sun, head south where the beaches are still glowing and prices have settled down. If you are more accepting of the approaching autumn, Paris looks beautiful in the browning leaves and lengthening shadows.

If you would like to do something different apply to volunteer in France or search TEFL jobs in France.



Iceland is a fascinating country to visit, with a landscape and views so individual. A country not often spoken about as a common place to visit but should be on everyone's bucket list.

Timing when to go can be difficult deciding between practically constant dark or constant light months. October has the perfect combination and you still get to see the northern lights and relax in the healing powers of the geothermal spa.

View seasonal seasonal-jobs-working-holidays in Iceland or for just travel ideas, check out Iceland tours.



Give into the winter this November in the Czech Republic. From the middle of the month the snow should start falling in some parts, transforming the mountains into a scene straight out of Narnia.

Head over after to Prague with just a street map and curiosity and take in the city for yourself. Perfect excuse to show off your new boots and winter coat as you hit the streets and explore this picturesque, historic city.

A lot of people choose to teach English in the Czech Republic or volunteer in Czech Republic



There is no month that Berlin would be the wrong answer. In the running for being the party capital of Europe, all year round it is never short of fun.

With it's fascinating history and multitude of places to explore, day and night birds are left more than happy. What makes December the ultimate month would be the Christmas markets.

The perfect way to get you in the festive spirit as dotted all over Germany are fairs looking like they have been pulled straight out of a fairy tale full of Christmas treats. Gain experience on an intern program in Germany or you might like to teach English in Germany.

So where will your next trip be to? Get booking now!

By Araba Adjaye


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