How to Volunteer in France

France is one of the most popular countries to volunteer in Europe. You might choose to volunteer in France becuase you've been on holiday there before and you want to try something a little different, or you just want to add experience to a CV / resume - there is not just one good reason to apply. The close proximity to the UK means lots of Brits apply through our partner organisations but most nationalities are eligible.


How You Can Help

There are lots of group volunteering programs where you can help with restoration, building, construction, education, architecture and also improve nature and biodiversity. Most projects in France have a focus on the community and environment.


Community Volunteer Projects in France

France is the largest country in Western Europe and the 5th richest in the world but around 5% of the population live below the poverty line which might be a surprise to you. As well as many afluent areas of cities like Paris there is also a lot of people living in inadequate conditions and social problems can be an issue. 


Conservation & Environmental Volunteer Projects in France

On conservation projects in France you will usually be based in some really sceneic destinations like the stunning Alps or even at a farm / vineyard.


Volunteer with Animals in France

Keen to help wildlife? There are sanctuaries located throughout the country who need assistance all year round.


Summer Volunteer Programs in France

Summer volunteer programs in France are very popular, this destination attacts volunteers and visitors from all around the world and as long as you are elibigle for a tourist visa you should be able to apply. While teaching is generally what English speaking volunteers do abroad, there are many other projects across the country to get involved with. There are various educational summer camps where children can attend to have a lot of fun and also improve there English so native speakers are needed to teach or help lead sports activities. These are usually held in cities like Paris and most of the time you will need to apply in advance to get a spot. Get your application in early to be successfully hired. 


Location of Projects

You can find volunteer projects in France throughout the country in large cities and also rural towns and villages in places like: 

  • Alsace • Aquitaine • Auvergne • Bretagne • Burgundy • Center • Champagne Ardenne • Corsica • Franche Comte • Languedoc Roussillon • Limousin • Lorraine • Lower Normandy • Midi Pyrenees • North Calais • Paris Isle of France • Pays de la Loire • Picardy • Poitou Charentes • Provence Alpes Azur • Rhône-Alpes • Upper Normandy

Where you go really depends on the organisation and project, there are usually the most popular destinations:

  • Cities like Bordeaux and Paris
  • Pays d’Oingt, Vassieux en Vercors, Etoile, Châteauneuf-du-Rhône, Etoile sur Rhone, Mens, Saint-Maurice in the Rhone-Alpes
  • Bramevaque, Villeneuve d’Olmes, Durban-sur-Arize, Arifat in the Midi-Pyrenees 
  • Neuilly-Plaisance, Île-de-France
  • Juziers, Île-de-France 
  • Apchat, Saint Nectaire, Picherande, Montmorin, Gerzat, Chambon sur Lac, Chalvignac, Loubeyrat in Auvergne   
  • Leffrinckoucke, Nord-Pas de Calais


Duration of Placements

Programs can be joined anywhere from a few weeks to over 3 months - this really comes down to how much time you can commit.


How to Apply

You can search our featured opportunities above. Most international organiations charge a sign up fee to sign up, on these placements you usually get:

  • Airport pick-up and transfer to project
  • All food and accommodation
  • Training materials and science equipment
  • Pre-departure support and services
  • Comprehensive training necessary for research techniques
  • 24-hour in-country support and a 24-hour emergency phone line


Volunteer in France for Free

There are free and low cost volunteer opportunities in France, these can vary from helping at a farm or vineyard, to social initiatives to working on a campsite, hotel or hostel in exchange for free board and food. Some projects are financed by the French local authorities and volunteers sometimes receive a pocket money of around €40 per week. If you are thinking about applying from overseas we highly recommend applying with Concordia International Volunteers who offer low cost placements which include accommodation and meals. You will usually need to be aged 16+ to apply but there are special programs for families too, this is a great way to experience a rewarding holiday where you can do more than just sightseeing and relaxing.


France Volunteer Reviews & Testimonials

Have you ever volunteered in France? Would you like to share your experience, recommend an organisation or write tips and advice for future participants? Please get in touch with your experiences and testimonials.

"I enjoyed this project hugely. As well as allowing me to contribute to the local community, I was able to get to know young people from all over the world. This was for me a learning experience in many different ways. I will definitely be attending more workcamps in future" - Emily, renovation project in France

"I had a fantastic experience. It really helped me improve my French, meet some wonderful people and gain some work experience in an area (art) which I’m really interested. I’m really gald I chose this option for my university vocation residence. Highly recommended" - Hannah, from the UK particpated on an art project in France


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