Europe Gap Year Ideas

Taking a gap year in Europe is very popular and the hardest part is deciding where to go. Possibly you are finishing school or university and not sure what to do after? Maybe you just want to do something different and travel? You could be stuck in a dead-end situation and need a fresh challenge? On One World 365 you can find gap year programs in most European countries. Where you go really comes down to personal choice, most programs can be joined from 1 week, whilst some can last over a year. 

There is a real difference between booking a week’s break somewhere in Europe and soaking up the place and it’s culture, and going somewhere for several months with a purpose; getting into the way of life and its people. Participating on a gap year program in Europe isn’t about doing the wildest things you can possibly think of all day for a year. Many opportunities require that you work on a designated project for a period of time, giving you some ownership in tasks and requiring you to mix with locals. All of this is good for jolting you out of a rut, if you’re stuck, or growing your confidence if these are you first steps in to a bigger world.

If you decide to take a gap year in a European country, at your doorstep is a multitude of cultures easily accessible by budget flights, buses and trains. Not only that, but pricewise, accommodation is on the low end when compared to some other continents. Whether going for a weeks or longer, it has been made so easy to do. With such a variety of history and entertainment, there is no shortage of places to go and things to do. Meaning it makes little difference whether your trip is with friends, a partner or by yourself. Unsure quite where and when to go? There are so many different experiences available in countries throughout the continent.

After a gap year in Europe you will be able to impress your parents and friends with new - found culinary skills, tales of all the challenges that you overcame – home sickness being one of them, and oh so important map - reading skills. Seeing Europe first hand gives you unparalleled knowledge about other cultures, religions and mainly about people. This is a great opportunity to become attuned to how other countries live and it is undoubtedly a culturally rich experience to visit different countries across the globe.