Top 5 Reasons to Learn a Foreign Language

Top 5 Reasons to Learn a Foreign Language

Here are 5 quick and easy reasons why you should learn a language when visiting a new country...



1. It shows respect to the country and its people

There is nothing more special than being in a new country and traveling like a local, you will enjoy a more fulfilling experience when you know even the most basic words and phrases.



2. It will improve the experience

You will have a far better experience if you are able to ask for information in the language and maybe even negotiate prices for doing things. You may even miss out on events and trips if you don’t know the language.



3. Interact with locals

There is nothing better than seeing someone smile because you have greeted them in their language.



4. Learning a new language has never been easier

It is so easy these days to learn simple words and expressions as there are so many free apps available to help you learn the basics or you could book a language course abroad.


5. You’ll gain a new insight

The culture of a country is caught up in their language and you therefore learn so much by learning a language that you may not have known before.


By Alison Laycock


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