A Guide to Studying Greek

Greek is one of the oldest languages in the world, and is currently spoken by around 13 million people in Greece, Cyprus and around the world.

Throughout the history of the world from Ancient Greek to modern day, the Greek language has been very influential on life and shaping Europe and the world.

This ancient language is really interesting, and although when seeing or reading Greek for the first time it can look confusing, the language is easier to learn than you might think. 


Why Study Greek?

Maybe you have a connection to the country and language through family, or have a facsination with languages. Or possibly you want to book a holiday or take a gap year in Greece and knowing the language will make it easiest visiting and integrating into the country.

If you want to work in Greece you really need to learn at least the basics of the language, although some recruiters don't require a knowledge of Greek especially in the travel and tourism industry it will really make living in Greece easier.

Popular places to book a Greek language course include:

  • Greece
  • Online
  • You can also find language schools around the world with Greek tutors offering classes to students in countries like the UK and USA


Learn Greek in Greece

You can find local and international language schools, as well as universities offering Greek courses to students throughout Greece, on the mainland and the stunning islands of Greece.

Most language schools are located in the larger cities like Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras and Heraklion. Athens is the most popular destination to study for foreign students.

There are Greek courses for all ages and abilities, some companies specialize in courses for kids, teenagers but most courses are specifically for adults.

  • Beginner courses
  • Intermediate courses
  • Advanced courses

You can join a Greek language course all year round or during specific times of the year like summer, winter, Christmas and New Year. Group courses, one-to-one lessons, private lessons are all available to book.

There are short and long term Greek language courses which can be join in the morning, afternoon, evenings or weekends. Courses include:

  • Part-time courses
  • Full-time
  • Flexible online


Online Greek Courses

You can learn Greek on your phone, or from your computer anywhere in the world. Online Greek courses allow you to learn at your own pace and these courses are very flexible.

Prices can vary depending if you are using an app, or doing live classed through an online language school. There are also lots of free Greek online language courses available.

If you are starting as a total beginner and want to pick up the very simple basics in view of a holiday to Greece you might want to view our essential Greek travel phrases.


Greek Language School Reviews

Have you ever taken a Greek language course? Would you like to share your experience, review a course or language school? Please get in touch.